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The Anglo Saxon Calendar

Ritual for Dedicating, Cleansing, and Consecrating a Set of Runes

Field Remedy Ritual

A Blot for Thor


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Norse Wicca Ritual Format
Prayers and Blessings

Using Runes in Magical Work

Saxon Paganism & Seax Wica
Alaric Albertsson
Seax Wica
A Book of Blots
Open Virtual Esbat 01 - MimirsWellSeaxCoven - Peru English
Approaching Wyrd

Spae-Craft Seidr and Shamanism

An Alternative Spae Rite
What Happens at at Blot and Why
Hammerstead Blot Book
Raven Kindred Ritual Book
The Anglo Saxon Calender

Maidens of the Sky: A Shrine for Frigga's Handmaidens
Old Norse Origin Names

Divination: Norse Rune Consecration Ritual
Saxon Witchcraft

Seax Wica Lyblac
Seax Wica Grove
Galdormona Seax Coven
Seax Gesiths & Ceorls in the World
Anglo Saxon Paganism
Seax Wica North America

Æfenrima Wyrtún Seax Coven

Working in a Seax Wica Coven
Legend of Woden/Odin Retreiving the Runes

Wodan (Wotan)
The Blot by Lewis Stead
Basic Structure of a Blot

The Seax Wican Coven
Invoking the Deities
God/Goddess/Wight Invocations
Eight Major Blotar
Norse Gods and Goddesses
Anglo Saxon Deities

Anglo Saxon Words and Concepts
Basic Wiccan Ritual Format
Celtic Calendar and the Anglo Saxon Year

On the Nature of Fetches



The  Anglo Saxon Gods

12 Century Herbalism Spell

2 Sets of Saxon Gods

Ritual Tools


A Month by Month Guide To The Anglo-Saxon Calendar

About the Seax, the Ritual Knife
Food Recipes and Drink
Chicken Stew with Barley

Honey Oat and Spiced Cakes

Anglo saxon Recipes - NVG

 Saxon and Viking Food Facts

Viking and Anglo Saxon Food Recipes


What Exactly is Seax Wica?
Anglo Saxon Rituals