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 Using Runes in Magical Work

Fehu -- wealth, luck, responsibility, creative energy; used to draw in energy for a given magickal operation, or as the moving force behind a working

Uruz -- positive strength, determination, perseverance, courage, physical health, assertiveness; include in any healing

Thurisaz -- protection, combating any action, curses (but be careful -- can backfire easily!)

Ansuz -- can be used to gain knowledge of Odin, the gods, our own ancestors and ancestral heritage

Raido -- ability to control, take initiatives, put things in order, be the boss, move or remove things, direct magickal energies where needed

Kenaz -- kinship, learning, teaching, quest for knowledge and passing knowledge on; gaining occult knowledge from other planes; use for astral or shamanic travel; exposing what is hidden

Gebo -- reconciles two opposed or complementary forces; use to bind or to give blessings or curses

Wunjo -- realize true will, wishing; combines well with Raido (ability to control)

Hagalaz -- creates confusion, disruption; can be used in vengeance spells to turn someone's past against him

Nauthiz -- excellent for defensive magick, as in restraining or restricting someone else's magickal attack; can be used to stop incoming action

Isa -- defense by blocking; that is, places barriers in the path of opponent or competitor

Jera -- creates positive, lasting change in a situation; works well in all matters involving time

Eihwaz -- use in situations that demand an outgoing, go-out-and-get-it response, such as searching for a job or an apartment

Pertho -- use in regression work; can put you in touch with the Norns

Algiz -- invoke divine protection, acts as shielding device, especially in working where backlash is a consideration; can be applied to the four corners as a protective sigil, much like a pentagram, but with a more defensive effect

Sowulo -- contributes strength to any healing spell; reinforces other runes with solar energy; centers and directs working

Teiwaz -- gain justice, but only if you have right on your side (cannot be used if you are guilty, or to pervert justice); combination of Teiwaz and Raido in a bindrune can win a court case

Berkana -- important in feminine mysteries; regenerating forces of nature, growth of vegetation, strong shamanic connections; use to alleviate problems with menstrual periods, pregnancy, delivery

Ehwaz -- create links between people or split them apart

Mannaz -- verbal communication, academic examinations, legal disputes; can be used to arbitrate or mediate in a conflict; used with Ansuz in a bindrune, it can help you in any communication need

Laguz -- sorcery, occult; can use to attract love; if projected between the eyes of a person making a request, a positive reply will be more likely (probably wouldn't work if you asked a bank manager for a million dollars, but would be useful when asking for a pay raise!)

Inguz -- use in binding; also makes a great doorway to the astral, so project onto an imaginary door or curtain, for pathworking or astral travel

Othila -- establishing, centering, and "earthing" a working down to the physical plane; use to invoke Odin; creates a sense of belonging and togetherness in group workings and binds people together in a common goal

Dagaz -- exclude or render invisible; used to place something "outside", for example, you could envelop yourself in this rune to go somewhere unnoticed