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Ritual for Dedicating, Cleansing, and Consecrating a Set of Runes

This can be used for a new set of runes made by your own hand, a used set of runes, or (especially) a store-bought set of runes.

Setup: Altar as you usually set it. Bowl of salt at North, incense at East, a candle at South, and a bowl of water at West. Three pieces of yarn or thread-black, red, and white-should be on the altar, as well as a cauldron (any size as long as it can contain all your runes), and the runes to be consecrated.

Timing: Research your timing so that it feels right to you. I have done this ritual during Libra, a sign of balance, just after the full of the moon, but you may find different correspondences more appropriate.

Perform LBR

Cast circle in your usual manner

Call quarters in your usual manner

Invoke the Norns by saying the following:
I call upon the Norns, the Sisters of the Wyrd
Come, Urd, the oldest, the crone, and bring your wisdom
Come, Verdandi, the mother, and bring your maternal instinct
Come, Skuld, the youngest, the maiden,
and bring the promise of the future
Come, Sisters of the Wyrd, and assist your daughter (son) in this ritual.


Hold up the new set of runes and say:  

I give you these stones, turned rune by my own hand
Tonight may they be instilled with the power of time
Until they return, from whence they came, to sand


One by one, pick up each rune, say its name and a quick word association of its meaning, and then place it into the cauldron. Then, pick up the black yarn/thread and place it in the cauldron, saying:  

Urd, eldest Sister, lay your blessings upon these runes
Give them your wisdom, gleaned from the past
Let them ring with your knowledge vast!

Place the red yarn/thread in the cauldron, saying:

Verdandi, middle Sister, lay your blessings upon these runes
Instill within them the balancing power of Now
Allow them to aid others with my solemn vow!

Place the white yarn/thread in the cauldron, saying:

Skuld, youngest Sister, lay your blessings upon these runes
Fill them with the promise of the Yet to Be

Let them be open so that others may see!  


Place hands over cauldron; visualize the Norns infusing the runes with their gifts as swirls of black, red, and white light, which mingle to form a gold light. When you feel that the infusion is complete, take a minute to reground and center, focusing all your personal energy into the center of your being. Take a deep breath and hold it a second, imagining that your energy and that breath are fusing into one, then blow all that energy, all that is yourself, into and onto the runes in the cauldron.  


When ready, take cauldron to the North corner and present runes. Sprinkle a little salt into the cauldron, saying:  

Spirits of the North,
Bless these runes with the stabilizing presence of earth!


Move to the East and present the runes. Pass the cauldron through the incense, saying:  

Spirits of the East,
Bless these runes with the breezy presence of air!


Move to the South and present the runes. Pass the cauldron through the flame, saying:  

Spirits of the South,

Bless these runes with the flaming passion of fire!  


Move to the West and present the runes. Sprinkle water in the cauldron, saying:  

Spirits of the West,
Bless these runes with the ever-changing flow of water!


Move to the center of the circle and present the runes, saying:

Spirits of the Center,

Bless these runes with the all-encompassing presence of Spirit!


When finished, place cauldron with runes on center of altar, and let them sit there overnight. (Next day, place the entire contents of the cauldron in black leather pouch or other container. Leave colored yarns in bag so that the Norns have continuous contact with the runes.)


Thank the Norns by saying:

I thank you, Sisters of the Wyrd
Urd, the past; Verdandi, the present; Skuld, the future
For your presence at this ritual
Go if you must, stay if you like; be ever near to heart and mind.
Blessed be!


Close quarters
Close circle

- By Lady Phoenix MoonFlame