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The Anglo Saxon Calendar

Æ:rra Geola (later Ge:olmonath) - December
Æfterra Geola - January
Solmonath - February
Hrethmo:nath, Hly:da - March
Eastremo:nath - April
Thrimilcemonath - May
Æ:rra Litha - June
Æfterra Litha - July
Weodmonath - August
Haligmonath (later: Hærfestmonath) - September
Winterfylleth - October
Blo:tmonath - November

Days of the Week

Days of the Week
Certain days of the week are named after early Saxon Gods.

Monandæg ( Moon's day - the day of the moon ),
( Tiw's-day - the day of the Scandinavian sky god Tiw,Tiu or Tig),
( Woden's day - the day of the god Woden (Othin) ),
( Thor's Day - the day of the god Ðunor or Thunor ),
( Freyja's day - the day of the goddess Freyja or Frigg, wife to Woden),
( Saturn's day - the day of the Roman god Saturn, whose festival "Saturnalia," with its exchange of gifts, has been incorporated into our celebration of Christmas.),
( Sun's day - the day of the sun ).