seax wica lyblacSeax Wica And Lyblac


Balder God of Immortality
Eostre Goddess of Birth
Frigg Goddess of Love
Hel Goddess of Death
Loki God of Cunning
Saxnot God of the Family
Thunor God of Thunder
Tiw God of War
Wade God of the Sea
Wayland God of Metalworking
Woden Chief God

Anglo Saxon Deities 

Anglo-Saxon Old German Norse equivalent Characteristics & Associations See also
Baldaeg Balder Baldr Unknown
Ēostre Ôstarâ (putative) none Unknown Bede's De Temporum Ratione
Erce none none Goddess of the earth
Freo Freyja Ing's sister ; Goddess of passion and prosperity
Frīg Frîja Frigg (and Freyja) Goddess of love Friday
Gēat Gausus Gautr Unknown
Helith none none Unknown Dorset folklore
Hretha none none Goddess of the Earth /(the earth itself) Bede's De Temporum Ratione
Ingui Frea (Lord Ingui) Yngvi-Freyr God of prosperity, passion, and wealth. Ruler of the elves and sovereign over Elfhame the realm of the elves.
Seaxnēat Saxnôte none Founder of the Saxon tribe.
Þunor Donar Thor God of the sky and thunder Thursday
Tīw Zîu Týr God of Justice Tuesday
Wōden Wodan Óðinn Chief of the gods, god of war, poetry and mantic ecstasy Wednesday
Nine Herbs Charm
Wuldor Ullr