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Seax Wica Hwata (Divination) Readings

Rune Readings

Get A Free Rune Reading : This is a 30 card pen and ink rune deck by Tony Linsell, illustrated by Brian Partridge. They are based on the Anglo-Saxon Runes. Your choice of Three  Rune Cast, The Keltic Cross, and Thor's Hammer.

Get a Free Nordic Runes Reading This site offers four types of free rune readings, two simple Yes/No readings and two further readings that offer a more comprehensive response.

if you are interested in runes, you may be interested in our runes section!

 Viking Tarot

A Tarot of the mythology and culture of the Scandinavian invaders, the Vikings. The card art of the Vikings Tarot features natural-looking watercolours, and the symbology is based on the Rider-Waite.

Get a Free Viking Tarot Reading! : There are 5 spreads available. Love & Romance, Job & Career, Money & Finances, Health & Healing, and Spiritual Development.

Information on Rune Castings and Layouts:


Get a Free Saxon Wands Reading. Saxon wands are a very good divinatory tool.  They are seven wands made from dowel wood.  Three are nine inches in length and four are twelve inches in length.  These can be decorated the same as the other wands, however one of the twelve inch wands has to stand out from the rest.