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Hwata: An auger, diviner

Portents of Good or Evil, 


The Reading of Prophetic Signs

.Name for divination (fortune-telling) in Seax Wicca.

Discover how these ancient oracles can increase your understanding of yourself and others!





Anglo Saxon Letter Divination

The Futhorc and Using Runes for Divination

Anglo Saxon Runes

Runic Divination

Vanic Runes Saxon Wands: A form of divination found in Saxon Witchcraft.  This is a system in which seven rods are used made ​​of wood. It is described in Buckland's "Saxon Witchcraft", if someone has special interest in throwing wands. Anglo-Saxon divination method using seven wands – three short blackthorn rods for negative answers, three longer hawthorn rods for positive answers, and the centre master wand carved from hazel which acts as the compass


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HOW TO USE THE SAXON WANDS click image for larger picture 

Saxon wands are very good for obtaining prompt and direct answers to any question. In a way they are similar to the I Ching although far less complicated. Seven wands are needed. These are made from a wooden dowel. There should be three. Each which are nine inches in length. Four of them should be twelve inches in length. One of the twelve inch wands should be marked or decorated in some way as the witan wand. If you wish you may decorate all of the wands with symbols and runes, but make sure the Witan wand can be told from all the rest.

Kneeling lay the witan wand before you; horizontally. Take the other six wands and hold them over the witan wand. Close your eyes and holding them between your two hands mix them while concentrating on your question. Keeping your eyes closed, grip the wands with your dominant hand (right if right handed and vice versa); take hold of the tip of one wand with the fingers of the other hand. Concentrate for a moment longer on your question, and then open the dominant hand. All the wands will fall to the ground except the one held by your opposite hand. Open your eyes.

1) If there should be more long wands than short wands on the ground, then the answer to your question is an affirmative.
2) If there is more short wands then long wands on the ground (excluding the witan wand) then the answer is a negative.
3) If any wands touch the witan wand, It means the answer will be a very definite one with strong forces at work.
4) If any wands are off the ground (resting on others), circumstances are such (forces still working) that no definite answer can be given yet (regardless of point one or two).
5) If all the wands point toward the witan wand, then you (or the person whom is asking the question) will have a definite role to play in the determination of the question.
6) If none of the wands point toward the Witan wand, then the matter will be determined without the querant’s interference.

As with the tarot or crystal, do not let anyone touch your wands. They are your personal instruments. Keep them wrapped in a black cloth