seax wica lyblacSeax Wica And Lyblac

Eight Major Blótar
Asafolk are on the solar cycle they commonly refer to as The Wheel of the Year. The
solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days are listed below. It should be noted that the dates are
1. Charming the Plow (Feb. 2)
Offerings are made to charge the fertility of the soil. Asafolk are aware of the
fertile minds and the wombs of their Folk. Laborers and the fruits of their work
are also honored.
2. Ostara (Mar. 20-23)
The Spring Equinox, the end of winter and a celebration of a time of rebirth.
3. Walpurgisnacht/May Day (Apr.30/May I)
A Blόt celebrating the fertile season. Seeds are dedicated to the Goddess Freya
and are planted.
4. Midsummer (June 20-23)
The Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year. Asafolk
honor the solar deity at its strength and recognize that the year is beginning to
slide into darkness that will culminate in six months at Yule.
5. FreyFaxi (Aug. 2)
A harvest festival. It is a celebration of the season’s fruits and is dedicated to the
patron God of the Harvest, Freyr.
6. Winter Finding (Sept. 20-23)
The Autumnal Equinox is a time to call upon Odin as Asafolk brace themselves
for the longer nights and the cold of winter. As it is a time for harvest stores are
laid up and blessed.
7. Feast of the Einherjar (Nov. 11)
Held in honor of Odin's champions. Respects are paid to the heroes and
champions of Asatrú. Departed ancestors and friends are remembered and
8. Yule/Mother Night (Dec. 20-23)
The Winter Solstice is celebrated as the rebirth of the Sun. From this day forward
the sun gains strength as it rises higher in the North. It is a time of celebration,
sacred to the family. It is marked by gift exchange and feasting.
In addition to these seasonal feasts and rituals, many kindreds also keep holy various days of remembrance and other
festivals, such as the Festival of Runes, Sigrblot, Disablot, and blóts in honor of individual gods, goddesses, or
heroes of our folk. Kindreds may also perform blóts for special needs of a member or members – such as healing
rituals or blots to mark a birth or death in the family.