seax wica lyblacSeax Wica And Lyblac

Ritual Tools

Spear In the tradition of Seax-Wica, the spear is used as a ritual tool as it is symbolic of the god Woden, who, in that tradition, is viewed as an emanation of God in place of the Horned God. According to Norse mythology, the god Odin, who is the Norse equivalent to the Anglo-Saxon Woden, carried the spear Gungnir.

The Saxon Wands.There are three of equal 9-inch lengths, Four of equal 12 inches lengths, With one of the 12 inch being marked or decorated to make it stand out. This wand is termed the "Witen" wand. After placing the Witen wand horizontally on the ground in front of you, With eyes closed and the question firmly in mind Concentrate for a while whilst moving the other six wands through your fingers. Now with your right hand take hold of the tip of one of the wands and hold it fast. Letting all others drop onto the placed Witen wand below.
The answer you are seeking is then foretold by the positions of the wands on and around the Witen wand


The Belt. The Seax belt is woven from three equal sized pieces of Red, White and Black cord. The representations of the colours are as follows. Black and White represents balance in all things like Night and day, hot and cold, Male and Female etc. The Red is the Blood of the Gods and of Mankind, that is forever mixed together, sacred, the essence of life itself.

The Tabard
Seax Wican devotees can always be distinguished from other Wiccan or Pagans paths because of the Tabards that we wear. They can be Black, Green, Red, Blue or Brown for the Men but the Lady's have the choice of also wearing a White Tabard, which represents the purity of the Goddess. At the centre of the chest there should be the sign of Seax, that being the Sun, Moon and eight sabbats. On the bottom edge will be runic script denoting the names of the wearer and of the coven to which they belong (If applicable).

The Seax The most important ritual tool is the Seax itself (Athame) it is a double edged blade unlike the conventional Athame of Wicca in as much as the handle can be what ever colour you like and does not carry any symbols. Again unlike the two knives needed by other traditions the one blade is used for all and every magical and none magical task. The Seax blade is charged with power the more it is used and is always worn as much as possible.