Owl Moon Tarot Hi, I'm Frances, an Austin, TX tarot reader.  I've been reading tarot cards since 2001. I do in person tarot readings in the South Austin Area as well as email tarot reading. I have low prices because I think everyone should have affordable access to psychic readings. I specialize in love, work, and messages from The Universe.  I am a practicing Unitarian Universalist and have been so since 2002. I am the published author of a cookbook, a book of poetry, and a book on learning to read tarot (free pdf version) (print version) I teach tarot classes through my UU Church. I admin 3 Facebook psychic reading groups. In my personal life, I am a book lover, a cat lover (officially a crazy cat lady now that I have 5 cats!), a poet, a potter with my own wheel and kiln, and an Internet Addict! I have one son in college. I have a degree in History and Anthropology. I am honest, reliable, and spiritual. I hope that you contact me and we can form a good connection with each other. Contact me


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