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 1. Valentine's Day Spread for a Potential Relationship #1 (5 Cards) $25.00

This reading may be performed from either your perspective or the other person's perspective.
This reading is designed to discover how a possible relationship might evolve or if there is any chance of it progressing.
Card 1 – The Origins of The Relationship (Beginnings)
Card 2 – Where Relationship is Coming From (Immediate Past)
Card 3 – Where The Relationship is Now (The Present)
Card 4 – Where The Relationship is Heading (Near Future)
Card 5 – How The Relationship Ultimately Evolves (Far Future, Outcome)

2. Valentine's Day Tarot Reading #2 (6 cards) $30.00
Represents the state of your current love life, how the past affects it, and gives insights into what you bring to the relationship.
Card 1: Represents pivotal experiences in your past love life. These are the experiences that continue to impact you (either positively or negatively) in the current time and can therefore give insight into the way you relate to others.
Card 2: Represents important elements of your current love life.
Card 3:  Offers insight into what you want/need from a love relationship.
Card 4: Offers insight into what you have to offer in a love relationship.
Card 5: Offers a suggested course of action to help you achieve your dream relationship. If one card is not enough, as is often the case, keep pulling clarification cards until you feel you have enough information.
Card 6: What the future holds for your love life, provided you choose to follow the advice offered by card #5.
At this point, you can draw a 7th card to show what the future holds if you choose not to follow the advice offered by card #5.

3. Valentine's Day Tarot Card Reading #3 (5 cards) $25.00
a reading for a current relationship
Card 1 : The Strength of the Relationship
Card 2 : The Weakness of the Relationship
Card 3 : The Reality of the Relationship
Card 4 : The Happiness of the Relationship
Card 5 : The Key to the Future of the Relationship

4. For Valentine’s Day – A Relationship Spread #4 (8 cards) $40.00
1. You as you are in the relationship.
2. The other person as they are in the relationship.
3. Your foundation.
4. The other person’s foundation.
5. The foundation of the relationship.
6. Your potential in the relationship.
7. The other person’s potential in the relationship.
8. The potential of the relationship.
5. Valentine’s Day Love Spread #5 (5 cards) $25.00

1. What does Love mean to me?
2. How am I expressing Love?
3. How can I express Love more in my life?
If you’re in a relationship:
4. How can I make my relationship stronger and/or more romantic?
5. What would be a great way to let my partner know I Love them this Valentine’s Day?
If you’re single and looking for a partner:
4. What can I do to direct myself to a fabulous relationship?
5. What would be a great way to let my inner Love shine this Valentine’s Day?
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