,204,203,200_.jpgThe Path of the Feather:

A shamanic journey, medicine wheels and spirit animals

how to use medicine wheels and spirit animals to heal ourselves, each other, and the Earth

The Path of the Feather returns an ancient and long-revered ritual, the Medicine Wheel, to a place of honor in our lives. From Greece to Siberia, from England to America, the making of medicine wheels and the shamanic way was the centerpiece of daily life for indigenous cultures the world over. We learned from the earth; we listened to her spirits; and we went in search of her visions.

The Path of the Feather recaptures that way of being. This unique book and kit provides readers with everything they need to become contemporary shamans. Containing thirteen figurines, a Medicine Wheel map, compass, medicine bag, and an authoritative instruction book, The Path of the Feather gives guidance, inspiration, and answers to the questions of life. With this kit, readers will be able to harness the power of the living earth, follow the spirit animals, and make Medicine Wheels for sacred living, oracular vision, manifesting dreams and desires, and much more.

The Path of the Feather is about becoming a contemporary shaman by seeing and hearing the voices of the living earth. It is about you living your ordinary life as your shamanic journey. This shamanic journey is your personal story of transformation, empowerment, and healing.

Walk the Path of the Feather and become a contemporary shaman.

The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel Garden

The Medicine Wheel -- Spiritual Practice


Native American Astrology

Native American Astrology

When Were You Born? The Medicine Wheel East

When Were You Born? Medicine Wheel West

When Were You Born? The Medicine Wheel South

When Were You Born? The Medicine Wheel North


Healing Practices 

The American Tradition Native American Herbalism

Native American Healing Practices

Healing and the Seven Directions 



Sacred Space The Timelessness of Tradition 

Finding Feathers on Your Path

Storytelling A Native American Perspective

The Speaking of Native American Hand Drums

The Path of the Feather (1)

Rituals and Ceremonies
Water Cermony for the Women

Invocation to the Earth
O Great Spirit Who Is The Soul of The Universe
Smudging Prayer

Wakan Tanka Prayer
Prayer of the 4 Diections

Prayer Ties

Drumming Music Samples


The Medicine Wheel
The Seven Sacred Directions
The Element of Air
The Element of Fire
The Element of Water
The Element of Earth
Walking Between the Worlds
Cross-Quarter Energy
The Path of Initiation
Communicating With Your Spirit Helpers

Centering, Grounding, Meditation and Prayer


Home Page


The Red Earth Below Me is My Body
It Supports Me in My Time of Need
The River Beside Me is My Blood
It Gives Me Drink in Times of Thirst
The Air Around Me is My Spirit
It Gives Me Breath to Live
The Stars in Heaven are My Sacred Home
They Give Me Something in which to Aspire

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