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When Were You Born? Medicine Wheel - North

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Were you born between December 22nd and March 20th? Or do you know anyone who was? This article is part of a series of articles about Native American spirituality, Native American astrology and the spiritual practice of animal medicine.

Animal Medicine

Native Americans believe that animal spirits are available to us, willing to share strength and wisdom and help us grow in whatever way is necessary for our well being. If we need a character trait that they have, they may choose us and offer that energy to us. This is considered their power or medicine. For Native Americans, "medicine" is anything that connects us more deeply to the divine and to life, in general. Healing of our body mind and our spirit is part of that and so is personal power.

Native American Astrology

"Native American astrology uses the images of creatures to depict the seasons.... The four 'seasonal' creatures are the white buffalo, the golden eagle, the coyote, and the grizzly bear." -- Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

For this article, our focus is the northern quadrant of the medicine wheel and the power animals connected to it.

Medicine Wheel: North


Buffalo can help you deepen your intuitive ability. Slow down and work on remembering your dreams. Buffalo can help you use them for guidance.


Aligning with moose awakens both feminine energy and sacred energy. Moose makes it possible to go deep within, to your own inner depths, find the nourishment there and come back to share with others. To fully develop your moose alignment, acknowledge the intuitive gift it offers, and begin to trust your intuitive thoughts. Most moose people were born intuitive, but when it comes to them, it seems like their regular thoughts so they think they're imagining it. Work at trusting your intuition more.


Bear helps you bring dreams to life. They also teach you how to slow down, be more introspective and find our own inner wisdom to guide us. Bear shows you how to go within and get quiet, letting go of the stress the day has brought you. If bear is your power animal, you may find that it takes solitude for you to be your most creative. Listen to that inner knowledge and nurture your creativity by making sure you have adequate time alone. Combining the energies of both moose and bear mean you might need even more time alone than others.

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