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Sacred Space - The Timelessness of Tradition

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Creating sacred space is one of those things that all light workers and healers should know about. I had excellent training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, but that program de-emphasizes lineage and tradition to create a clean slate for people all backgrounds to come in and learn. Therefore, during that time, I was not yet connected to the ancient tradition of things like calling in the seven directions. Before each healing session, I would set my intention, call in my guides, angelic protection and get to healing. This worked OK, but after traveling with Drunvalo Melchizedek from country to country and tribe to tribe, I began to notice that traditional ceremonial format was very powerful and very effortless. I started to scratch my head, "Why was doing these simple things so effective?"

During our final ceremony with Drunvalo in Easter Island in February '08, we made a medicine wheel. It wasn't a very big medicine wheel, although it was a very big ceremony. We were turning on the Christ Grid. Drunvalo said, "Mother Earth will recognize us and know we are here as soon as we make the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel has been used by the indigenous forever!" I thought that was pretty cool, although it wasn't the time for more questions since we were about to save the world...again!

The ceremony went off without a hitch, which was amazing after going through the two weeks that lead up to it. No matter what happened before, and what would happen after, during the ceremony we were protected.

When I got home I decided to give it a whirl. I began to make medicine wheels in my apartment during my personal ritual and calling in the directions before a day of healing work. What a difference!!! I had the support of the elements and energies of Earth as well as the energies of the Universe and Guides. I also had the support of my ancestors and the animal kingdom. My energy levels rose and I felt recognized by Creator in my healing. It was so easy, I could feel that thousands of years of performing this simple act had embedded the ritual into the fabric of the Universe. I had to know more.

We spend most of our time out of sacred space. Even if we live a very sacred lifestyle, sacred space is something all together different. In sacred space miracles can happen easily and effortlessly. This is because the energy changes, and we leave the realm of linear time and step into the Infinite. Creator is close and cause and effect gives way to immediacy.

I really wanted to see even more clearly, what happens when we call in the directions. So I turned on my 3rd eye and took a peek. As I called in each direction I saw a force field of energy come and form an energetic barrier on each side of me. I stood in the center, as the circle was cast, and was shown that I was standing in the place of no time. You could almost think of it as the universe moves like a hurricane, then all the sudden, at your command, you create a sphere of space that is completely still, unaffected by this movement, almost like Moses parting the Red Sea, and almost like being the eye of the storm.

You are standing as the center, you are the center of the universe; out of time, out of harms way and in a controlled environment. You are at once totally still and moving much faster than the eye could see. You become undetectable. Even Verizon Wireless couldn't find you there. It's invite only, so only those beings that you invoke can enter. It's a pretty cool place to be.

When you do spirit work, your chakras open wide, your auric field expands to perceive dimensions beyond the 3D, and you become accessible to those dimensions as well. Which way would you rather open: In a controlled, safe and sacred environment or without any protection? Literally it's like everyone on the streets of New York City running up to you grabbing your arm or asking something of you. I've personally experienced that and can tell you it's not as fun as it sounds. I hear you lovey-dovey types saying, "I want to open anywhere any time," and I say, "Good for you, have your own experience." I'm just sharing what I have learned.

Imagine how much more powerful and immediate your healing work is when supported by the forces of nature, with no distractions from the outside world. The whole universe lines up for you and your intention. This process should not be taken lightly, but respected for the power it offers.

I call upon the South, West, North, East, Below, Above and the Center in a clockwise manner to create my circle. I call upon my ancestors, guides, Higher Self, angels, elementals, power animals, and all my relations on Earth. Each direction has its purpose, its personality, its element and its gift. Rather than tell you exactly how to do it, I encourage you to attend ceremonies and receive it live. The process varies from tradition to tradition and finding what resonates for you makes it real. Indigenous peoples of all races have used this so don't think because you are not Native American that you don't have the right to access it. The Celts practice it as well as Pagans and Wiccans.

When you have finished your ceremony or healing work, you need to release the directions in a counter clockwise manner and close sacred space. This is because the sacred space needs your intention to maintain its integrity. If you just leave the space hanging after you are done, then it can get energetically messy. Over time it will probably correct itself, but there is the danger of opening up energetic holes. Also, you need to let your guests go home. One might call it disrespectful that you never officially let them out!

I continually find through my own experience that the methods used for thousands of years by our indigenous peoples have real merit in their present day application. These methods have been kept secret for a long time, but as we reclaim them, their wisdom is effortlessly revealed to us, welcoming us home to our power, our connectedness and our truth.

CC Treadway is an energy healer, channel and counselor. She maintains a private practice in New York and Sedona, AZ and works long distance. Visit her website for more articles on healing as well as events and workshops.

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