The Path of the Feather:

A shamanic journey, medicine wheels and spirit animals

The Seven Sacred Directions 

Seven Directions encompasses everything that exists, it refers to the directionality of north, south, east, west, up, down and center and all that lies in each direction, plant, animal, rock, and tree. We stand in the center of seven directions at all times, and therefore, we are in constant contact with all that is.

When we honor the directions, we are really looking at 7 directions.  East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Center.  In the East we have illumination, birth, awakening, the rising of the sun.  We experience the element of Air, the wind that propels us along our journey in life.  We have the support of the Animal Energies of Eagle, who is Spirit, and Hawk who is Messenger.

From the South we have healing, childhood, trust, the warmth of the mid-day sun and lessons.  We experience the element of Fire, the force of change and growth.  We have the support of the Animal Energies of Porcupine, which represents innocence, and Mouse, which represents scrutiny.

From the West we have introspection, darkness, intuition, personal awareness, cleansing.  We experience the element of Water, the cleansing and nourishing force of life, the basis of our biology.  We are supported by the animal totems of Bear, which represents introspection and growth, and turtle, which brings us cleansing.

From the North we have Abundance, Wisdom, Wholeness, Rest and Completion.  We experience the element of Earth, our Mother.  We are supported by Buffalo who represents abundance and prayer and by Wolf who is our teacher and provides us wisdom.

Above us is Father Sky, where Grandmother Moon, and Grandfather Sun reside.  The essence of our Grandmothers & Grandfathers is the very force of life itself – light and rhythm.  Below us is Mother Earth, the soil that creates all nourishment. She is our home and our sanctuary.  She is beauty in all things. The Center of the Universe Within us is our Sprit, our Heart.  We are the result of the divine holy union of Mother/Father God.  We are children of the Earth and Sky and represent unity.,204,203,200_.jpg