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When Were You Born? Medicine Wheel - West

By   |   Submitted On June 01, 2010

Were you born between September 23rd and December 21st? If so, you were born into the western quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.

Native American Astrology

In Native American astrology, several different connections are made to power animals based on season, birth date, the twelve moons, elements, stones, colors and directions on the medicine wheel.

This article is part of a series about Native American astrology and its focus is the medicine wheel and specifically, the western quadrant of the medicine wheel.

Medicine Wheel: West


Bear helps you bring dreams to life. They also teach you how to slow down, be more introspective and find our own inner wisdom to guide us. Bear shows you how to go within and get quiet, letting go of the stress the day has brought you.

If bear is your power animal, you may find that it takes solitude for you to be your most creative. Listen to that inner knowledge and nurture your creativity by making sure you have adequate time alone. Combining the energies of both moose and bear mean you might need even more time alone than others.


Beaver brings the energy of purposeful movement. They are busy but everything they do has purpose.

Beaver wisdom: "Don't keep busy just because you're anxious, you're afraid to slow down, or you want to impress your friends by telling them or showing them just how busy you are. You need downtime as well. Time for relaxation. Time with your family and friends. It's important. But if and when you've got a project to do, just get to it." ~~Steven Farmer, Ph.D., Power Animal: How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide


With snake's energy, you have access to healing and the ability to heal, to help in letting go of the old so that the new can come. Snake can help when you have a difficult decision to make but first need to clear away the negative energy around it in order to see the situation more clearly.

You need to detoxify your life to avoid illness.


The element for this direction is water. Water is connected to emotions, to swimming in emotional depths. It is the element that represents relationships and family.

(1) Use this energy to uncover unresolved childhood issues and any feelings that need to be washed away and released.

(2) Examine the important relationships in your life. How do they make you feel? What impact do they have on your energy level? Are there any that are strained, that need healing?

(3) Bathe in sea salt with essential oils and focus on releasing anything that no longer serves you.

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Jeanine Byers Hoag is a certified holistic healing practitioner, hand analyst and certified spiritual story midwife and is the author of The Life That's Waiting for You: Four Simple Steps for Identifying and Living Your Life Purpose.

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