Working With Pendulums

A pendulum consists of an item, usually six to eight inches in length, which is attached to a pivot that allows the item to freely swing. Pendulums can be used for a variety of purposes, including measuring, tuning, and even in religious practice. The specific appearance of pendulums can be anything from a shoelace to a piece of jewelry. Obviously, most people prefer to buy exotic-looking pendulums that feature unique and exquisite works of crystal, stone, silver or gold. However, just as there is no limitation on what substance a pendulum can be made of, there is no certain definition of what a pendulum does.

What is a pendulum, in terms of spirituality? It is said that a pendulum is merely an extension of the person who wears it, and that its movement results from the energy meridians in your body. Historically, these items have been used for healing purposes, for spiritual protection against evil forces, for guidance, self-cleansing and "divining", which is a mystical method of locating groundwater.

Some people have also used pendulums to answer their own personal questions. The belief is that when you ask a pendulum questions (and it moves to denote the answer) you are summoning your subconscious mind through your body's energy.


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