Working With Pendulums
Hand-made Pendulums Can Create a Deeper Connection for Divination

Making your own pendulum for divination is fun and easy. Best of all, it gives you a divination tool that you are instantly connected to. With your hand-made pendulum, you will find your divination responses come more emphatically and quickly than with ones bought in stores.

To make your own pendulum, you will need the following items which can be found at any local craft or jewelry-making store: 9 inches of Tiger Tail wire (this nylon coated wire works best for this project, but you can substitute other flexible wires if need be), flat nose pliers, two crimping beads, several spacers and beads you've picked out yourself, a pendant for the bottom of the pendulum (pointed pendants work best, but are not essential), and another pendant or bead for holding at the top of your pendulum.

When picking out your beads, choose a theme that resonates with you. Picking colors that you love as well as pendants and beads that spark your imagination will go a long way in creating a look and style tailored specifically for you. Many craft stores have beautiful pendants that feature pictures of nature as well as glass or natural stone pendants, which can be a lovely option. Taking the time to choose beads and pendants that resonate with you will not only enhance the experience of making your pendulum, but also the connection you have to the pendulum when using it for divination.

Step 1: Now that you have all your supplies, it's time to get to work. First, thread your crimping bead onto one end of the wire. Follow this with the pendant that will hang on the bottom of your pendulum. Move the pendant up until you've got a half-inch tail of wire coming out of the bottom end. Next, fold the wire tail over the hole in the pendant and thread it through your crimping bead, creating the loop for your pendant in which your pendant will be secured. Tighten this loop by pushing your crimping bead down towards the pendant as close to it as possible. When you feel the loop is small enough, use your flat nose pliers to pinch the crimping bead firmly shut, locking the wire and its tail together and securing your pendant.

Step 2: Add your beads. You may want to lay your beads out, beforehand, in the pattern you want them for your pendulum. Alternating beads in a pattern will make your new divination tool look great. When you're ready to start threading your beads onto the wire, make sure that both the wire and its tail go into the first few beads at the end with the pendant. This keeps the tail from sticking out. Thread your beads on the wire until there is a little over an inch left. While you are making your pendulum, feel free to ask it a couple of questions and see how quickly it responds. Even in it's half-made state, your handmade pendulum is ready for divination.

Step 3: Before adding your last bead (or pendant), put the second crimping bead on the wire. Then add the final bead or pendant.

Step 4: Fold the wire around the final bead or pendant, threading it back through the crimping bead as you did in step one. Push or pull the wire through as tight as possible, making sure that the tail of the wire goes through the beads below the crimping bead (this take patience and coordination). When done, clamp down on the crimpling bead with you flat-nose pliers.

Step 5: Take your new pendulum for a spin. For those of you who are not already familiar with divination using a pendulum, there are plenty of wonderful articles online.
Make Your Own Pendulum for Divination