Working With Pendulums
Beginning Lessons in Pendulum Use

Pendulums are an instrument of divination, the practice of foretelling the future. In their purest sense, Pendulums consist of a weighted object suspended by a string or chain. Most have a holding bead that rests upon the subject's hand.

Pendulums of the past consisted of a rock, tied to a string. Now, they are considered works of art; crafted from the finest crystals and minerals. The beauty of the stone has no reflection on the outcome of the Pendulum's swing. However, some practitioners prefer specific gems and crystals for their "psychic, chakra and healing properties."

The most basic and highly recommended stone for the beginner to advanced practitioner of the Pendulum is clear crystal quartz. Clear quartz is believed to assist the user in clarity, purity and protection. The stone can range in size from one inch to two inches, with an attached chain at approximately six inches to ten inches. A holding bead is not necessary; but does help balance the Pendulum in the practitioner's hand.

Cleansing Your Pendulum:

There are simple ways to cleanse any crystal or pendulum. The easiest procedure is to hold your Pendulum in your non-dominant hand, blowing warm breath across the stone. Running the stone under cool water is also an straightforward way to clear negative energy.

Activating your Pendulum:

Program your Pendulum with your higher consciousness. If possible meditate for a few moments before activation. Get comfortable in a quiet room. Candles, incense and low light add to the ambiance; but are not necessary.

Make a simple chart with an eight by ten inch piece of paper. Draw an intersection of two lines; approximately six inches long in the middle of the page. It should resemble a simple cross. You will have four quadrants of equal size on your page.

1. Hang the Pendulum above the center axis of the paper.

2. Program the Ready Response by swinging the pendulum weight of the chart, repeating:

"I state the following instructions are to be in effect unless I alter them. Each time the Pendulum swings in this direction it indicates "ready for questions." Your pendulum should make a swinging motion either back and forth in an arc or circle. Make note as this motion means the Pendulum is ready to respond to your question.

3. Programming the "Yes" response. Hold the Pendulum over the same intersection on your page. Swing the stone over this mark and repeat: "Every time the Pendulum swings in this direction - it denotes a "Yes" response." Again make note of the movement of the Pendulum over the page. You should receive a dominant back and forth movement or a definitive circular motion. You may receive the same motion as the "ready" response - this is acceptable.

4. Programming the "No" response. Repeat step three and state:

"Every time the Pendulum swings in this direction, it denotes a "No" answer." The Pendulum should do the opposite of the "Yes" response. If you receive the same swing pattern for "Yes" and "No"; start the process over by cleansing the Pendulum. There must be a distinct pattern for both responses - they cannot be the same.

5. When you are finished, state: "This is the end of the instructions. Thank you."

Your Pendulum should be activated to your own physical and psychic vibration. It should not alter its programmed pattern unless you re-activate it. If you feel that the information you are receiving is the opposite of what it should be - try some simple "yes" and "no" questions to test the accuracy of your Pendulum. If the Pendulum corresponds accordingly, it is activated properly. If not, re-cleanse and re-program.

There are many uses, practices, and connections with different stones that can be utilized with the use of your Pendulum. Look for more ways to work with your Pendulum in future articles. Be open to the Pendulum's Power; but as with anything connected to the occult, spiritualism or divination - use common sense. Belief is a powerful tool - but be cautious. The Pendulum is said to detect health issues; never substitute your well-being solely to this practice. Again, use common sense, homeopathic and/or traditional medicine.

Do not rely solely on the Pendulum. Do not become dependant on the Pendulum to make decisions in your life. It is a tool and does not take into effect: changes in barometric pressure, events beyond your own control, or personal choice. Make your own decisions; use the Pendulum as a conduit to bring you in touch with your psychic abilities, but always remember: You are in charge of your destiny.

 Pendulums: Beginners Guide to Programming Your Psychic Tool
Cathlene Smith