Working With Pendulums
Crystal Pendulums come in a variety of crystals, shapes and sizes. They usually have a point, which can be either sharp or blunt. Pendulums can hang from chains, which can be made of any type of metal, wool, cotton, leather. Even elastic has been used to hang pendulums from, it does not matter what you used as long as it moves freely.

Crystal Healing Pendulums can be used for clearing, detecting blockages, balancing the chakra. They are also been used Scrying to locate something that is lost or to decide between solutions (i.e. finding a name for something).

They can be worn as necklaces, you can use them in this way for protection, healing, helping you attain a goal and for any other reason that you require.

Steps to using a crystal pendulum to detect and clear blockages.

1. Hold the pendulum lightly between the thumb and forefinger. Let your wrist relaxed do not tense up.

2. Moved the pendulum to the position on the body that you wish to start.

3. Let the pendulum becomes still, after a moment it and start to move usually in a circular motion. This indicates that the energy is flowing through this area.

4. If it moves from side to side or fails to move, this indicates a blockage that needs to be removed.

5. When this occurs ask the healing crystal to clear the blockage and balance the energy in this area.

6. When this has been done the crystal should move in a circular motion and end come to a stop. It is now time to move on to the next area.

7. Continue in this way until you have covered all the areas that you need to.
8. Go back to the areas that were blocked and note how the pendulum reacts now.

9. Sometimes the areas need to be cleared and balanced more than once to allow the energy to flow freely.
How to Use Crystal Healing Pendulums
by Colleen Simmons