Working With Pendulums
A pendulum is a very basic tool used for divination. A pendulum consists only of a chain with a heavy object at one end, usually a pointed object. For practice, you can use a necklace or a heavy object, such as a screw nut, tied to the end of a piece of string. For more advanced work, however, you will need something more suitable. There are a number of pendulums on the market today, but making your own is much simpler. I prefer to use my own jewelry. If you have a special pendant dedicated to your craft which you always wear, I suggest using it as your pendulum. You can also use a polished crystal or stone hung from a chain. Some witches use polished crystal or stone points for certain purposes. For example, a rose quartz point would be particularly useful in love divination. A point of bloodstone would be most useful for healing divination.

A pendulum is a tool that hones in on the psychic powers within each of us. A pendulum can also be used to obtain information that has been lost to us through repressed memories or have been forgotten. Pendulums can also be used to reveal truths that we already know, but have not come to terms with.

Pendulum Lesson 1:

Create a card which looks like this. You may draw this on any piece of paper you like with any type of pen. This card will be used only for learning and practice. The "y" stands for "yes." The "n," stands for "no." The "m" stands for "maybe."

Begin by laying your card down on a flat surface. For this exercise you may use a pendulum made from anything you like. The symbolism is not important at this point. Rest your elbow on the table (or whatever surface you are working on) and hang your pendulum by its end from between your thumb and forefinger, so that it hangs over, but does not touch the paper. The pendulum should be about 1/4 inch above the paper. Do not lift your elbow off of the table.

First, swing the pendulum back and forth along the y axis. Say aloud "this means 'yes'." Now stop the pendulum. Swing it along the n axis. Say aloud "this means 'no'." Stop the pendulum again. Swing the pendulum in a circle and say "this means 'maybe'." Stop the pendulum once more. It is important that you remember to always repeat this part of the exercise before performing any work with a pendulum.

Now hold your pendulum over the card and hold your hand steady, but try to keep it relaxed. Say aloud "show me a 'yes'." Your pendulum will very slowly, very gradually begin to swing. After a few seconds, you will notice that your pendulum is swinging along the yes axis without you moving your hand at all.

Now say aloud "show me a 'no'." You will notice that your pendulum begins to spin and then very soon, it will begin to swing horizontally across the no axis. It is very important that you be sure not to move your hand at all. Do not force the pendulum to swing. Try to hold you hand still.

Say aloud "show me a 'maybe'." Again, you will see that the pendulum seems to obey. Practice this and the pendulum will obey each time.

Using Your Pendulum

Pendulums can be used to answer simple yes and no questions. This is easily done by asking the question and then viewing the pendulum to see how it will respond. It is very important that you do not let your personal desires control the movement of the pendulum. Just because you want to hear a "yes" in answer to your question, doesn't mean that forcing the pendulum to say "yes" will make it true.

Pendulums are also commonly used to find things. In the past, pendulums have been held over maps to find deposits of water and minerals. The pendulum is asked to find a certain deposit and then moved very slowly over the map until it makes a "yes" motion or a circular motion in some cases.

Pendulum Lesson 2:

Draw a large map of your bedroom (as seen from above) as precise as you can and include furniture, windows, and doors in your drawing. Have a friend hide an object in your room while you are not looking. Use the pendulum over the map to try and determine where the object is hidden. Clear your mind of all things except the object. Hold the pendulum over the map and slowly move the pendulum over the map. When the pendulum begins to swing in a "yes" motion, check that area to see if the object is there. This will take some practice. Take turns with your partner hiding and finding the object. With practice, you will learn to clear your mind and hone in on your abilities. You may find that you become quite good at it.

Pendulums can be used for a variety of things. You can use a pendulum over the body to discover which chakra is out of balance, or what area needs to be healed during illness. You can use a pendulum over a map to discover lost objects. You can even use your pendulum for simple yes and no questions.
How to Use a Pendulum for Divination
Amber S.