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A Wiccan House Blessing

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One of the greatest parts about practicing Wicca is that it empowers its practitioners to bestow blessings upon others, themselves and their surroundings. What exactly does this mean? Well, just as chapel priest or minister can say a prayer on behalf of one of their congregation in order to bring about a sense of well being and security, a witch can do much the same. However, witches do not believe that they need a liaison between them and the Divine. Therefore they are capable of tapping into this divine energy and directing its positive influence to their home, family and friends.
As an example of one of these types of blessings, this article will divulge the process a witch may take in order to perform a simple house blessing, to bestow the home with a sense of well being and harmony.

Step One, The Mundane Piece

The first part of cleansing or blessing any place, be it the home, office or even your garage, is to physically clean the place. Anybody who knows even a little about Feng Shui will tell you that clutter and mess are very disruptive to the flow of energy in your home. In addition to blocking the flow of positive energy in your environment, clutter actually adds negativity to your space.

That being said, the first step to a good house blessing is to have a clean house!

Step Two, The Materials

The types of materials used in a spiritual blessing will vary from person to person, depending on their tradition and personal tastes. Yet, there are some very commonly used tools that most witches are very familiar with. They are:
# A purifying incense, such as Sage or Frankincense
# Holy Water
# A musical object such as a bell, drum or singing bowl
# A Broom
# Empowered white candles

Step Three, The Blessing

When the witch and all other participants are ready to begin, the witch will cast a ritual circle (a simple ceremony for protection) that encompasses that whole home. As part of this ceremony, the witch will use the frankincense or smudge-stick to cleanse and bless the participants in the house blessing. While doing this, the witch may chant something similar to this:

"By the powers of fire and air, I cleanse you of negativity and make you safe for these rites"

Once all participants are cleansed in this manner, the person leading the house cleaning will move from room to room with the incense, wafting the smoke into all the nooks and crannies. As they are doing this, the witch will recite a chant such as;

"By the powers of fire and air, I cleanse this space, and banish all negativity from this home

Once this is complete, the witch will then move from room to room with a diffuser of holy water (often with a small amount of salt dissolved into it), sprinkling it in all parts of every room. The chant for this part of the process may go something like;

"By the powers of water and earth, I consecrate this space, and invite the energies of prosperity, health and harmony into this home"

At this point, it is common for a witch to take up a musical instrument of some kind. It may be a drum, bell, sing bowl, or even a tuning fork. They will move from room to room sounding their instrument, envisioning the noise from the instrument breaking up any blocks of negative energy in the home. A chant may or may not be a part of this step, as the noise and visualizations are the key part of this step.

Once the house is cleansed in this manner, the witch may conduct a more extensive ritual to invite harmonious energies into the home in order to maintain the positive energy flow they have established. It really depends on how comfortable the inhabitants of the home are with such a ritual.

This is just one of the many different kinds of blessings out there that witches can freely bestow upon others. It is very common for blessing of this type to take place, and it has a very positive impact on those who experience it. Granted, this is a bare-bones account of what a house cleansing and blessing entails.

In addition to a house blessing, Wiccans out there perform blessings for a variety of reasons. The possibilities are vast. Some examples of the different kinds of blessing are
# A Healing ritual for a friend who has fallen ill
# A ritual of protection before a long road trip or flight
# Bestowing protective magic on a loved one who is in the armed forces
# Performing a blessing for newly weds for long and happy marriage The list can go on and on...

Many people who know somebody who practices The Craft often don't realize that they do these kinds of things on a daily basis. However, most Wiccans rarely flaunt the practices and skills. If you would like to learn more about the different kinds of blessings Wiccans perform, please visit Thirteen Powers Of The Witch. Its a great site that details Wiccan blessings in much further detail.

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!

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