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Moon Paper

By   |   Submitted On March 17, 2010

What is a moon paper? Moon paper is a simple white A4 sheet that has been exposed to the light of the full moon for a whole night. It is then used to write on it the things that you most wish. You can also paste on it pictures of the things that you want to have in your life. It is a very simple and effective procedure that trains you to focus your attention on what you want instead of what you do not. We spend many hours a day, weeks, months, years, saying what we do not want and with regards to what we want, we normally feel either bashful or arrogant and cocky. When we are afraid to ask for what we want, there are beliefs that need healing. When we are very pushy and bolshie, we are still in fear.

But when we simply state what we want with a sense of joy and freedom, that is when we are in the 'zone' and that is an authentic space to be in. When we are in this space, we can ask for anything we want, (and be careful for what you ask for), probably better to ask for healthy and uplifting things.

We need to practice the use of our attention, because we do not realise that our attention together with our imagination is the most precious thing we have. And what we do not know is that all sorts of beings are after our attention. Your energy goes to where you put your attention. So why squander it in futile and useless activities? The moon paper is designed to train the imagination, attention and energy by focusing on things that will not only enrich our lives, but also the world in general. If we are happy and content, others then feel that sense of well-being, because it is contagious, just as much as fear. So let us stay in a healthy, contagious space.

Take an A4 white sheet of paper and put it outside in the full moon. You will remember from the moon article that a full moon occurs every two weeks. So when the moon is full, you put the paper outside. It makes no difference if there are clouds, the energy of the full moon will still charge your paper. Also write on it, the date and time, and in which sign the moon is in. You can check out any website that keep track of these phenomena. I follow Jonathan C but you can check any astrology site. Under the 'today's planets' heading, you will find a daily update on what is going on in the heavens. Then in the morning you file the moon paper away and get it out again two weeks later for the ritual of the new moon.

When the moon in new or dark, you sit down at your little altar or the special place you will have created for yourself, (if you do not have one, I will give you some tips in another article) at the allocated time, and start your ritual.

Light a few candles. I like to have three, one for light, one for love and one for pleasure. For without the pleasure that we get out of things, we would not have much desire to create anything. Light your candles and take out your moon paper. Focus on your breath for a few minutes, call the light, and get into a relaxed space. Drop your brain waves to the creative mode or alpha wave. Think about what you want and write it down. If you are really creative, you can collect pictures and you can paste them on your paper. Then you energize it by feeling content and pleased with what you want, as if you have it already and then you let it go. The whole process, should not take you longer than an hour. You can leave the candles to extinguish, just keep an eye on them, to make sure that they burn out safely, and that is it, until the next full moon.

But please do not approach this as if it is a chore, or as if you expect everything to happen from month to month. There are cycles in nature that have to be respected and things take time to come into manifestation, including, most of all, our old beliefs that might keep those things away, or that we might not really want. This whole process is to train your mind to focus, and when it becomes a habit, you will crave those precious rituals, because you are connecting to the magic of who you are. After all you are creating with your own higher self, not by some magical and mystical intervention. Remember your attention and will are your power!

She has developed this particular system, and uses her psychic abilities to access the information that needs healing from the client. Her book 'Healing is a Daily Business' describes the emotional entanglement that the human race has been subjected to and how to free oneself from it. Her healing system is described at the end of the book. The information throughout the book is the key to understanding and releasing blockages and programs.

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