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Healing Power of the Dark Moon Mother

By   |   Submitted On May 25, 2009

Dark Moon Mother, I honor you! I open my arms to you and bow down to your greatness! You are magnificent and all encompassing! Embrace my human flesh as well as my immortal soul. Lift my spirit all the while grounding me to Mother Earth. Let me feel your breath upon my body. I surrender to the healing power of the Dark Moon Mother.

They call you Hekate, Oya, Sekhmet, La Madre Negra, Medusa and Lilith amongst other names. Though you are known by many names in various cultures, you are one essence. Some fear you. Others adore and revere you. You are a mystery.

Rituals have been done for centuries honoring the Dark Moon Mother. In the darkness, life is created. It is the chaos in which you can create order. Use the energy of the Dark Moon to manifest a new beginning.

The Goddess Sekhmet is said to destroy all those things that no longer serve our highest good and She does it swiftly. Since She is also the Goddess of Compassion and Healing, the destruction can only bring forth the best in us. Appeal to Her in the name that suits you best.

This energy is attributed to the Crone Goddesses and is quite misunderstood. She is the Elder who has seen the beginning and the end. She is the vessel of birth and death.

Within the womb of the Dark Mother, one can plant seeds for growth and change. The Dark Moon, which is the True Moon, is one of the best times to plant new ideas, patterns and/or habits.

Mi Madre Negra, is the name that I use when calling upon the energy of the Dark Moon. She has helped me many times along my path and continues to assist me in my work. She undresses me and clothes me in newness of thought, word and deed on a monthly basis.

As you use the Dark Moon to heal, allow me to suggest a ritual that you may find useful.

Create sacred space by cleansing yourself and the room that you are going to work in. Gather all of the tools that you are going to use in the ritual, smudging each one. Begin setting up your altar as you are guided. It is good to have representation of the four elements. Earth can be represented in the form of rocks, crystals, salt, sand or some soil. Water can be poured into a bowl or chalice to represent that element. Burning incense or using a feather will represent the element of Air and lighting a candle symbolizes Fire.

Open your ritual with the ringing of a bell, gong or crystal. This helps to clear the air some more and invites in the purest aspect of the Dark Mother for healing and assisting you through the process of life.

Begin by honoring the Sacred Directions. While facing East say, "I honor the rising Sun and the essence of Fire. I give thanks for new beginnings." Facing South say, "I honor the Water of Life within and without. I honor and give thanks for my emotions." As you continue to move around the circle facing West, speak the words, "Great Earth Mother, I respect and admire your beauty. Each day I walk upon you who feeds, clothes and shelters me. I give thanks for the land that is your body." To the North, the direction of Air, you would say, "Air that I breathe, thank you for your gentle breezes and your gusts of wind. I honor you." You would finish by saying "I honor the heavens, I honor myself. I give thanks to All My Relations."

Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and begin doing some deep breathing exercises. After about fifteen minutes of stillness and breathing, it is now time to plant those seeds of yours. Write on a piece of brown paper (a regular brown paper bag cut into a sheet of paper does fine) in red ink those things that you desire for your spiritual growth. Roll your "letter" into the form of a scroll. Tie it with thread, placing the scroll on your altar in a cauldron or blessing bowl.

Now you are ready to plant seeds for world peace, good health, a new job or career, a new house or apartment, a new business or to bless a new relationship. Giving thanks, open your circle and work towards a better life!

About Diva Mama Tonya:

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