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Candle MagicFree Candle Spells - Simple Magick Candle Spells For You

Until 3000 BCE, oil lamps were the sole source of night light. Soon after, people found out that by using fat that solidified at room temperature or other

substances such as beeswax, bayberry, candelilla, etc, they could create portable lamps.

Now there are many types of candles including tallow (animal fat), beeswax and paraffin wax, a byproduct of petroleum processing. People are encouraged to use Earth friendly candles made out of soy beeswax with cotton wicks.

To use candles in rituals, follow these steps: Choose the color that is appropriate for the intention. If in doubt, use a white candle. Charge the candle by holding it in your hand and energizing it with your own power and intentions. Carve the candle with your intentions.

Dress the candle by anointing it with oil that is also suited for the purpose of the spell. Sometimes, the candle is also rolled in herbs to intensify the effects of the spell. As the wax melts, your intentions are passed on to the Cosmos. We have to make sure that we have given strict written instructions to the Universe.

Here are some candle spells:

Protection for Pets

Get two large, fat candles. Carve both the candles in the shape of your pet. Or write the name of your pet and some of his/her attributes. Also carve some protective runes on the candle. Anoint one of the candles with protective oil and allow it to burn. Keep the other one for yourself.

Van Van Job Spell

1 Tbsp honey
Paper and pen
Magnetic sand
1 Orange candle
Van van (vervain) oil
Gold sparkles (available at party stores).

On a new moon day, create your own resume using the pen and paper.

As you sit down to write your dream job description, visualize your job vividly as if it is already happening in your life.

Use the honey to brush over the description of your dreams and sprinkle magnetic sand over it.

Fold the paper nine times and set it aside.

Anoint the orange candle with the vervain oil and roll it in the gold sparkles.

Place the candle over the resume and allow it to burn completely.

Astarte Oil spell for Fertility

1 tsp oil of coriander
1 tsp oil of jasmine
1 tsp oil of myrrh
1 tsp oil of petitgrain or neroli
Rose water (or attar) (optional)
A bottle filled with sweet almond and jojoba oil
1 human figure candle
1 Tbsp Henna powder
1 bunch of basil

Mix the four oils, coriander, jasmine, myrrh and petitgrain. Add it into the bottle filled with sweet almond and jojoba oil to make the Astarte Oil. Also add the rose water if desired.