All About Wicca is a Wiccan Book of Shadows?

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A Wiccan Book of Shadows is one of the most vitally important of all possessions to anyone who practises the faith. Whether personal or designed for group use, it holds spells, thoughts and tracks your betterment along your chosen path. However, it is because it is so personal a possession that it can be hard for the beginner to understand what it's all about! So whether you are wanting to start your own Wiccan Book of Shadows or are looking to find out information on other examples of ones, here are some of the basics, written to help inspire you.

What is a Wiccan Book of Shadows?
A Wiccan Book of Shadows, is a journal or collection of spells, rituals, thoughts, observations, poetry and anything else that is relevant to the individual or group that own it. It represents a journey of growth and so therefore must always be kept truthful and all contributors must be respected. It may a single, large book but it can also be written in volumes.

Is There a Main Wiccan Book of Shadows?
There is no, one definitive Book of Shadows - there is no equivalent of the Bible or Quran for example. However, the Gardnerian Book of Shadows is seen by many as the main, central work and many covens work from this even if they have made adjustments of their own. Very similar is also the Alexandrian Book of Shadows which is followed by witches of this tradition.

Do I Need to Keep My Own Wiccan Book of Shadows?
Regardless of whether or not you intend to perform spells a, Book of Shadows is a very important accompaniment to your studies and development. So how you should you develop yours?

1)If you want something with the right mood, to have a feel of significance you can go for an ornate pre-made Wiccan Book of Shadows. These are available to buy and can come in a variety of designs, including with Wiccan symbols on the front. The pages inside are blank and ready for you to get started.

2) However, this isn't always necessary as you can also make do with a notepad or ring binder. You can decorate this as you wish, for example with pictures of things that are important to you on the cover. Whatever you want and whatever makes you feel connected to it - it's your special place. Maybe have a less 'fancy' one for every day work and another one for the more significant facts, points, spells, festival rituals etc.

3) You may honour a particular God or Goddess as part of your faith and your Book of Shadows is a good place to develop your rituals and keep any of the messages and private thoughts that you may wish to send out to your chosen deity. Pictures, drawings or poems can help give your journal structure and tie all of your thoughts together - the 'personality' of the God or Goddess will help to inspire you.

Above all, your Wiccan Book of Shadows is free to be whatever you want it to be. Treat it as a companion and a friend and you'll soon find you'd be lost without it!

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