All About Wicca for Your Wiccan Ritual - How to Cleanse, Consecrate and Prepare for Spell Casting

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A lot of information can be found on the web about writing spells. Before you cast a spell you must be prepared. This will cover the basics of ritual and spell preparation. You don't have to follow these rules exactly. Wicca is very individual so don't worry about doing everything exactly like I suggest. You can customize this guide to suit your path and your needs. The more elements of you that you can bring into you ritual preparation the more it will be yours. In this article I will go over the basics of preparation for ritual including the following; meditation and purification.

You should already have the spell written and prepared. You should have already decided what magickal correspondences will work best for this spell. Magickal correspondences include the color of candles, the herbs you will use, the day and time you will do the spell, the phase of the moon you are currently in, and what oils and tools you will use for you spell. You spell does not have to have all these elements, but more than likely you will have some. You should meditate on the intention and outcome of your spell. Always focus on the outcome of the spell as if it has already happened. Don't think about the process, and clear your mind of everything that has nothing to do with the outcome of your spell.

Purification of the area where you will do the spell and the purification of yourself are very important in the preparation process. To prepare yourself for you can do a ritual bath. This includes bathing, anointing yourself with oils, deep breathing techniques and anything else that will purify your thoughts, mind, spirit and body.

If you are doing your ritual outside you will very rarely need to do purification. If you do your ritual indoors then I would definitely suggest you do a cleansing or some sort. Clean unnecessary clutter and cover reflective things in the room. Purification may include cleaning the floor with a broom, mop, or vacuum, and then spiritually cleaning the area with the witches' broom. The broom should be used in a sweeping motion while mentally imagining or visualizing the broom sweeping away any negative energy. Close and lock the doors, turn the phone ringers off, and close the curtains. Ritual should be private and free from any distractions. Once this is done you may also want to scatter the area with fresh salt mixed in with the herb rosemary. This herbal blend should be charged.

After this you will need to raise your energy and the do the steps of your spell. Once you have completed the spell you will need to break the circle.

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