Owl Moon Tarot


Shamanic Tarot Reading; bringing hidden, unconscious information out into the light of conciousness, through combining Shamanic Journeying with Tarot Card Reading.

Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon Reading   
Use this reading to assist in reaching, or possibly even defining your goals for the future. This reading explores both your weaknesses and strengths, and suggest areas in which you will have to make some effort to ensure you reach your goals.

The Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon reading presents a balanced path for the querent to take to reach a successful outcome to a specific question.

1. The card that appears in the Grandfather Sun position represents the active energy that's called for at this time;

2.  The card in the Grandmother Moon position represents the passive or receptive energy necessary.

3. The Outcome card represents the results you can expect if you manage to maintain a balanced path.

This is a value psychic reading that is just three cards.

Vision Quest Reading
This reading focuses on solving a major life challenge. It explores the pattern currently at work in your life, and possible solutions. 

1 The Vision Realized
2 The Next Step
3 Wisdom Currently At Work
4 The Cause
5 Conquered Challenge With Lingering Influence
6 A Strength You Will Need
7 Unknown Factor

Medicine Wheel Reading
This reading explores the energies present in your life in each area of the Medicine Wheel. Choose this Animal Spirit oracle spread when you need a greater understanding of the inner forces at work in your life today.

Center: The animal spirit that appears in the center of the Medicine Wheel reflects who you are at this point in time.
--Core Medicine Wheel Influence
North: The animal that appears in the North shows you how to walk your talk. Here lies your connection with your Higher Self.
 --Northern Medicine Wheel Influence
East: This animal reveals the direction you need to take in order to gain clarity about your present situation.
--Eastern Medicine Wheel Influence
South: This animal explores issues dealing with your inner child, and shows the energy needed to trust your own process.
--Southern Medicine Wheel Influence
West: The animal that appears in the West holds the answer to your present challenge.
--Western Medicine Wheel Influence

Shamanic Wisdom Spread  

This spread  will take you infinitely deeper into your path than ever before

1. Mind
2. Body
3. Spirit
4. Past Influence
5. Present Influences
6. Immediate Future
7. The Wild Card/the Trickster
8. Hidden Challenges
9. Ancestral Helpers
10. The Journey
11. Your Mission
12. The Outcome of Your Quest

Animal Totem Spread
0. What is my animal totem?
I. Why have you chosen to walk this path with me?
II. What have you taught me?
III. What are you to teach me as of yet?
IV. What can you help me with now?
V. What message would you like to pass along to me?
VI. What can I do to utilize the full power of my totem animal?

Finding Your Animal Guide
1. The animal you need to embody.
2. Why you need its help.
3. What it can teach you.
4. The truth about the situation ahead.
5. How to work with the animal.

Ancestor Spread

  1. What Talent Thrives in our Family?
  2. Overlying Challenge
  3. Legacy
  4. Your hopes for me
  5. How do I make the most with what Iíve inherited
  6. What must I do?
  7. Specific question for the ancestor