Using Runes in Meditation and Magic

I have always assumed that it is most common to study runemal and each rune's associated meanings for divinatory purposes. This is a fairly simple process and can be reduced to the runic equivalent of a tarot reading whereby individual stones are pulled from a bag and read from a layout of positions.

A fairly common layout would then be a three rune reading derived from the legendary Norns or deities concerned most intimately with fate in the Nordic path.

In this divination the first runestone pulled is placed in a position representing Udhr to reflect "That Which Is", the second runestone pulled is placed in a position representing Verdandi or "That Which is Becoming", and the third and final runestone is pulled and placed in a position meant to represent Skuld or "That Which Shall Be".

As you can see, this method of divination reflects quite closely any standard three card tarot reading meant to examine the passing energies, the present energies, and the energies soon to come, or which will be established as an outcome of the combination of the past and the present.

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