How to Meditate with the Runes

 Method One

To truly understand the runes, solely reading about them is not enough. You must know them and take them up for yourself. Reading as much on runes as possible is a good start, however to gain a deeper understanding, you need to meditate on them and find out their deeper meaning.

For this prepare a diary and pen, a sacred space in which you will not be disturbed and if you are so inclined, a candle. Whether you sit or lie down for the meditation is up to your personal preference. If you fall asleep too easily while lying down, go for a sitting position. The diary should be open and ready to write your findings in.

To start select a rune which you want to explore deeper. Read up on it, remember the name, shape, sound and meaning. Light the candle, get into your prefered comfortable position and start the meditation by a short breathing exercise to calm your mind and banish stress. A good breathing pattern for this would be deep inhaling, from the belly, to the count of 5 and exhaling to the count of 10.

Once you have calmed yourself visualise the selected rune and say its name three times. See the the rune surrounded by a deep, dark blue in the far distance. Keep the visualisation stimulating, let it glow, turn it around, add colour and let it pulse with vitality. Now visualise the rune getting closer to you until you feel yourself drawn into it, filling you completly.

Now start noticing what happens, what you feel, what you see, taste, hear and smell. Explore the visions that start coming up. Try to describe what you are experiencing in short phrases and make note of that. Then go on and explore what this phrase means to you. Continue on until you have a good understanding of the rune and write it all down in your diary.

Next explore some fantasies that suit the rune based on the its meaning. For Uruz for example visualise the great aurochs and imagine how it lived, how powerful, strong, primal and full of health it was. Once you have finished with the visualisation write down your findings again.

After you have recorded your findings lie or sit down again, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths to finish the meditation.

Now continue with the other runes, but don't do more than three in a day.

Method Two

The runic meditation is a tool to move up the subconscious mind in order to know runic powers under way both in the universe within ourselves, it is neither self-hypnosis or mediumship, is simply a means to calm brain activity and enter another state of consciousness, while remaining fully alert and present.

The runic meditation, like all the meditations, it should be done in a quiet place and at a time where no one will disturb you. You should assume a seated position with your back straight. Light a white candle dedicated to either the Norns or Odin. Have your meditation notebook handy so that you can journal the results of your meditation.

Meditate on a rune at a time for at least the first month. this will allow your mind to not get too much information together, light the candle, sit back and close your eyes, relax and clear your mind: Carry your self in a natural where you can feel happy.

With closed eyes, see the rune in your mind that you want to work with. Whisper its name a few times, then ask the runeto reveal something of its power that can be useful to know.


  • Maintain a positive attitude

  • Have an open mind

  • Be passive

  • Don't expect what will happen -- the answer may come in the form of word, image or feeling

After a period of half an hour, thank the god or spirit that you have invoked. Write what you have learned or what has happened in meditation.