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Using Tarot cards to answer Relationship questions

Submitted by artavia.seo
Tue, 10 Nov 2009

When it comes to the subjects that people have tarot card readings for, relationships are very popular. Relationships cover a wide range of interactions between people, including romantic ones, family ones and work based ones. As we are all aware relationships can be very complicated things.

Many people approach tarot card readers to help them make sense of the relationships they are currently in. A tarot reader will establish with the seeker (client) that the best way they can understand these relationships and change them for the better is to focus on what actions they can take. The conclusion of a relationship Tarot card reading will hopefully be that the seeker feels content and feels like they are in control of the relationships in their life.

One of the best ways to start a good tarot reading is to break it into a separate set of readings that all relate and come to a conclusion that will satisfy the seeker.

A primary reading is a good starting block, where the reader will look at the seeker as an individual and find out about them as a person. They will look at subjects such as what are the seekers strengths and weaknesses? What they look for in relationships? How do they feel about themselves?

Once a primary reading has happened, the seeker can then move onto the individual relationships in their lives depending where their problem lies or they need clarification. In terms of readings about family relationships, seekers after defining themselves will move on to the problems that are currently happening within their family. Dealing with and healing family relationships will often help the seeker feel confident about themselves and deal with other relationships in a better manner. Common questions asked will be things like how do they fit within their family? How do they communicate with their family?

Probably the most common relationship type that is dealt with in readings is romantic ones. Often people want clarification in the direction their relationship is going, so a reader will look at subjects such as: what does the seeker want from the relationship? What are their long term goals? What do they bring to the relationship?

Other common relationship types that are dealt with in tarot readings are friendships and work based relationships. But no matter what type of relationship the reading concerns, there are some common denominators such as communication, agendas and ego. Using Tarot cards, both the seeker and reader can draw on the universal energy to help provide insight on resolving issues.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Psychic TV who provide Tarot Readings