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Psychics are people capable of increased levels of intuition. They are highly sensitive to the energies emerging out of the person known to many as auras. From these energies, psychics are able to determine the emotional, physical, and psychological conditions of the person. Other than being able to sense auras, they are also keen observers of a person's non-verbal clues. These include facial expressions, body language, mannerisms, and more.

Being a psychic can come in many forms. Certain psychic powers or extra sensory perception (ESP) let them do things, ordinary persons cannot. A psychic might have just one or a combination of these abilities but usually they have a major talent.

Empaths compose the majority of psychics. They are capable of sensing what a person feels and what emotions are overwhelming them. The visions that empaths get are not so clear so they focus on the emotions to analyze situations or predict outcomes.

Clairsentients are psychics who simply know things. They have a clear sense of what is going to happen without them knowing how or why.
Clairvoyants are psychics whose can see things clearly even if they are far away, hidden or concealed. They can see images and visions using their minds.
Clairaudients can perceive sounds and words spoken whether from a far or from another world. They might feel a presence through strange voices or calls for help.

Precognitives have the abilities to predict the future through their dreams or through visions they see while awake. This is also a form of clairvoyance.
Psychometrists have the abilities of reliving certain events by merely handling or touching personal belongings like jewelry, watches, rings, and more. They use the energy left in these items to solve a problem.

Telepaths are psychics who can read minds. Similar to how empaths tune in to emotions, these people tune in to the thoughts and mentality of a person. Telepaths are rare in the world.

Mediums are psychics who claim to be able to communicate with the dead. They are sensitive to the presence of ghosts and spirits, or angels.
Channels are forms of mediums wherein they allow the spirit to use their bodies in order to speak directly to a loved one. Channels might be conscious or unconscious while these events are going on so they might have complete recall or no remembrance of these happening, respectively.

Psychics through their various abilities can help people in a number of ways. The world has bore witness to the skills of a great psychic named Nostradamus in his predictions about the various calamities, wars, and struggles the world continues to experience. At present, psychics help a person know more about themselves, their relationships, and the direction that they are taking. They can help people think positively, to achieve healing and acceptance. They also help a spirit crossover, guide a person's decisions in life, and make plans for the events which are about to come.