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How To Get A Great Psychic Reading by Rachel Saxon

(submitted 2011-01-19)

A great psychic reading should shimmy your chakras beyond any other life experience, it should open up a chasm of thinking that perhaps you had not considered before. I believe that a wave of energy flitters through the cosmos every time someone discovers for the first time the very magical universe in which we reside. The truth of the matter is true spiritual knowledge would make the world a better place as many would live with more spiritual principles and the fear of death would be lessened if not completely removed for some depending on their level of enlightenment.

It is very important in life to make a sense of your own sense of spirituality, being spiritual simply means being aware that you are of spirit, and leading a spiritual life means you abide by spiritual laws of compassion, law, tolerance, respect and love. So the 2 are quite different as a criminal could be spiritual and know from where they came but still lead a life quite different to spiritual principles.

I do feel that there is a deeper reason for the existence of spiritual readings including psychic readings, tarot readings, medium readings and any other type of divination. These types of services are just the start of a deeper understanding which can be experienced as one starts to think of the bigger picture of the cosmos.
To get a great psychic reading a good way to do this is from a friends recommendation, a search on the internet looking for reputable companies with great overviews of their readers and a none connection policy just in case your energies don't blend with the readers, and also via the very many print magazines and newspapers, though I would urge you to use only companies which have a web presence and this way you can check the company out at leisure. I would also recommend you only choose a psychic company which has a freefone telephone number and a real human being at the other end, this way you can have a no obligation chat about the various readers including their skill sets and availabilities.

The other important thing to consider when having a reading is your own input. If you feel negative or angry, or even wish to test a reader then you will simply have bad energies and will block the reader, even the best readers in the world will not be able to connect with you if you block them like this. A reading is a 2 way thing and the energies need to flow both ways in order for it to succeed. A reader is not a miracle worker, you have free will and the psychic can only advise you on the best course of action and then the rest is up to you.

Always have a pen handy and make notes about the reading, even if you wish to receive a recording make notes as you may wish to add extra bits of information and questions as they occur to you, things that you felt at that moment in time to refer back to later.

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