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Can I Have My Tarot Cards Read Every Week?

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A good tarot card reading can elicit some interesting responses. For first-time clients I often see a phenomenon I call, "The Chinese Food Syndrome." In this metaphor, the client feels good about the information he received in the reading, and quickly calls to schedule another one.

If you read cards, you've undoubtedly experienced this. If you've received a good reading as a client, you can relate to that feeling, too. There is a temptation to get your cards read too often.

But, how often is too often?

Who Has the Power Here?

I am a firm believer that the only one with power in our lives is US. We can't blame our boss, our children, our spouse or the boogeyman; for the things we don't like, we are tired of, we just plain can't stomach anymore.

Do you hate your job? Only you can find a new one. Are your children driving you crazy? Only you can lay down the law - or get a babysitter! Just because we are in the drivers' seat in our own lives doesn't mean it's easy to get to the destination we're aiming for. It also doesn't mean we know how to get there. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in a problem we think there's no way out.

That is the moment that a good tarot card reading can be invaluable.

Take those tools you received in the reading and go out there and make those changes. But there is still an underlying problem. Sometimes what you learn in a reading is really astonishing! How could the reader have known about your private life? How could she have known that secret you never told anyone?

Life Without the Heavy Lifting

There is the rub! It seems like a magic trick and we want to see it again. Or, it can have the same effect as an ad for the newest diet pill on someone trying to lose weight. It appears that we can get to our destination without having to do the heavy lifting! Imagine that!

Did you ever notice that those new, super-duper diet pills come with these instructions: in addition to taking the pills, you must also follow a low fat, low carb diet and you must exercise regularly?

Well, my friends, if you want a good reading, you must do the actual work of your life yourself. Don't be distracted by the fact that your situation can be read in the cards. You must take what you've learned, apply the tools you've been given, plant the seeds for change, and stay on that course.

It's true that every time you make a choice, your possible future outcomes change. But unless you give yourself at least 30 days to see the fruits of your change-making behavior, you are doing yourself a disservice.

You wouldn't tug on a new shoot in the garden in hopes of making it grow faster.

If you step on the scale every day, it seems like you're not losing weight-even when you're doing all the right things.

And if you get frequent tarot card readings you have stopped working on your life, and you have openly given up your power to the reader. Taking your power back was very likely the exact reason you came to her in the first place.

Make this rule and stick to it: when you get a good, solid, professional Tarot Card Reading, you will vow not schedule another for 30 days. In this way, you will begin to see the positive changes in your life that you brought about yourself. A little help now and then from a tarot card reader can go a long way.

LucyD has been reading and teaching the tarot for 25 years. Her area of expertise is demystifying the tarot for easy access by anyone. Get your special report entitled: The Seven Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Cards Read at [http://onlytarot.net]

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