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How Psychic Readings Help Decision Making

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Every day, we are all faced with decisions; most are mundane or run-of-the-mill from what to eat to where you should buy your petrol. Occasionally, we are faced with bigger decisions and choices. These choices can soon turn into dilemmas and it is when we find ourselves in this position that we start to look for not only help in making the 'right' choice, but also for guidance when the options seem endless or the consequences too important to get wrong.

Many of us turn to what is known as everyday psychic divination. Many of us use this without knowing about it. Ever flipped a coin to help you decide? Then this is a prime example of asking the unknown for help.

A simplistic example maybe, but one that many of us can relate to. Divination is the act of making the unknown into the known, with cultures all over the world from by-gone eras using all manner of tools and systems for everyday psychic divination; tarot cards is just one example.

What lies behind divination?

Many people believe that all things, living or 'dead', have an inner intelligence, connected by an unseen energy that is all around us. With skill, practice, knowledge and belief, people have over the years come to use various objects, connecting with them through this energy and, as a result, tapping into a higher energy system. These innate objects can be anything from team leaves, to runes or the tarot card. Either way, using coin flipping or anything like this is an act of everyday psychic divination is a way of accessing messages and energy, which people often express as 'something trying to tell me something'.

Where do these messages come from?

There are many examples of everyday psychic divination, some you will be more familiar with, mainly due to them being dramatized by song, art or other artistic means. Many people, for example, refer to omens; one example from Chinese culture from centuries past is the association of odd weather patterns coinciding with a births.

Others believe that the sub conscious mind, always processing and analysing data has a way of communicating these deep-seated feelings to us through acts of everyday psychic divination. The belief is that this can be so strong, the unconscious minds directly influences how and when the rune stones fall, or the cards that appear in a Tarot spread.

Is everyday psychic divination a window into the future?

Many people believe the answer to this is yes, these seemingly random acts of divination are a way of foretelling what is about to happen in the near future, an attempt to influence the large choices and decisions we need to make in our lives. These decisions we make mean that the opposite does not happen, a process that some advocate is the deeper need being everyday psychic divination.

There is so much more to this that meets the eye. Consider the last time you had an overly busy day and that one thing happened, nearly tipping you over the edge from calm human being to someone crazed by stress.

Maybe that occurrence that stopped in your tracks was an act of everyday psychic divination... others say, it simply happened.

What do you think?

Rachel is a freelance psychic journalist.



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