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Psychic Reading - The Best Questions to Ask by Rachel Ann
(submitted 2011-09-04)

When it comes to preparing for a psychic reading people consider all types of questions to ask. The most popular questions are usually based around personal issues, relationships and career. Often these questions can be fairly vague such as,

Will I find happiness?
Am I with the right person?
Am I in the right job?

It may be that the best questions to ask are based around these topics, but it is probably better to try and be a little more specific. Don't forget that this is a psychic you are asking questions of. If you can think of a good specific question the answer to which could really help you in your life, then you are on to a winner.

Your role during the psychic reading is to ask the questions. This sounds obvious but it can be easy to forget in the heat of the moment. If you find that the psychic is asking you too much and you are giving away too much information then you need to take a step back. It is not that you shouldn't be giving any details away, but if you say too much you may not end up being sure of the outcome. The best thing to do is to think of a good specific question, ask it and then sit back and let the psychic work their magic, so to speak. In fact, the psychic should want you to this.

So in order to think of the best questions, think around the topics of career, relationship and personal well being. This will give you a good starting point to think of the best questions you can. You don't want to go with too many questions in mind. Two or three will be fine and you might find that you don't even have time to ask all of those. A good psychic will give a detailed psychic reading providing plenty of food for thought. Depending on how each question goes it might not be appropriate or advisable to continue with the others. You want to come out feeling invigorated, not overwhelmed.

The best questions for you could cover almost anything really. The psychic is in touch with the spirit world so you may have a question you want to ask of a particular relative who has passed away. The psychic reading may be a good place to ask about the potential results of difficult life decisions you have got coming up or are troubling you. Don't forget that you do not have to follow the advice you get or worry if the answers are not what you expected. The best questions you can think of may well be the sort of questions that have potentially open ended answers.

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