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How I Start My Day: A Short Morning Ritual To Greet And Connect With The Elements, Deity, And The Earth

copyright 2010 Kelly Kiley

Although I am often very busy, I always take a few moments to connect with Deity, the Earth, and the elements every morning. I honestly don't get a chance to do this every single morning, but the mornings I get to do this, the day gets off to a wonderful start.

Here is a description of what I do.  The explanation seems long, but it really only takes a few minutes. One could spend as much or as little time on this as they want or need to.

I go outside and take a moment to ground & clear any negativity, bad feelings, or ill health that resides within me. When I ground, I like to visualize that my feet push through the ground below, and extend deep into the Earth Mother.  As my connection with the earth is fused, I take the energy that resides within her, and draw it up into me. I visualize this earth energy as a green soft healing and cleansing light. As I draw up the energy of the earth, I also visualize any negative stuff within me as a black mist floating throughout my body. I allow the earth energy to flow over the black mist. The black mist clings to the earth energy, and then I push it all back into the earth, seeing the green and black flow out of me, down through my feet, and into the earth. In the earth, the negative energy gets neutralized.

I am now fully grounded, and ready to greet the elements and Deity. I begin facing east, I say (usually in my head, but you can say it aloud) "I greet the east, and the element of air, I ask that you grant me your blessings of Knowledge and wisdom today." I turn, and now face south, and say, "I greet the South, and the element of fire, and I ask that you grant me your blessings of passion, creativity, and zest for life today." I turn and face west, and say, "I greet the West, and the element of water. I ask that you grant me your blessings of Peace, tranquility, and emotional ease today." I turn and face north and say, "I greet the North, and the element Earth, and I ask that you grant me your blessings of good health, grounding, and stability today."

I turn east again, and face the Sun (but I don't stare directly at it). I feel his light shine down on me and fill me with the energy to start a new day. I say, "I greet you, Sun, and thank you for shining your light on me another day." I stand there for a moment and feel the divinity around me, I relish in the breeze on my face, and the subtle sounds of nature.  My eyes scan the earth, trees and sky, and take in the beauty of it all.  I say "I greet the Gods and Goddesses of the Earth, Sea and Sky, Grant me your blessings to keep spirit in my heart, to live right, and walk the path of the Witch with good intentions today."

All that takes about 5 or 10 minutes. This is a morning routine that I have had for several years, and it really helps me connect with the Gods and the Elements  on a daily basis. This, of course is tailored to my path, feel free to tailor this ritual to your path.