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 The Rare Blue Moon - How to Take Advantage of This Special Event

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The expression 'Once in a Blue Moon' is used to express a rare and often special event. This is because a Blue Moon occurs just once in every two and half years or so. This special Moon occurs when a second full Moon falls in any one calendar month. Usually months have only one full Moon, but occasionally there can be a second one - named a Blue Moon.

Full Moons occur every 29 days, but most months are 30 or 31 days long; so it is possible to fit two full Moons in a single month. This happens rarely. The last Blue Moon was December 31 2009, and the next is August 31 2012. After that you'll have to wait until July 31 2015 for the next one.

The Moon phases are seen as important for many established and traditional religions, often marking special significant dates in the religious calendar.

Both the Islamic calendar and Jewish calendar are lunar. Christianity sets its most important event of celebrating Easter on the first Sunday following the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox. Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Jainism also follow the Moon cycles to mark significant festivals.

The practice of the 'Craft', known as Witchcraft, Paganism and Wicca, all place greater significance than other religions on the Moon and its phases. Of particular importance are the full Moons which are celebrated and honoured and known as 'Esbats'.

The full Moon, or Esbat, is seen as a potent and special time to celebrate, practice rituals, and to Cast Magic Spells for any positive purpose - love, money, health and happiness for example. And this rare Moon event is considered an exceptionally potent time to Spell cast.

So do not miss out on this 'Once in a Blue Moon' opportunity to mark the special event of a special Moon occurrence and do something monumental. To make your special wishes come true use the positive Blue Moon energy to Spell cast for yourself, or get an experienced professional Witch or Spellcaster to cast on your behalf.

Use the time to cast a Love Spell or Money Spell - or both. Benefit from this special Moon's Energy by cleansing your Aura. Perform a special Ritual to bring you good luck.

Here are a few simple rituals you can perform to take advantages of the specialness of the Blue Moon and hopefully bring to you all that you desire.

Magically Charge a Lucky Talisman

On the evening of the Blue Moon take any piece of silver jewellery or a silver coin, make a special wish and say it aloud 3 times. Place the jewellery or coin under the full Moon overnight. Silver is associated with the Moon and the Goddess and is the best material for use in a Blue Moon ritual.

Don't worry if you cannot physically see the Moon, as its special energy is still present. Once the jewellery or coin has been charged by the special energy of this particular Moon, it will act as a lucky talisman to allow your wishes to come true.

Wishing Well

On the evening of this special Moon take a silver coin, concentrate on the wish you want fulfilled, repeat aloud your wish and toss the coin into any body of water. This could be a wishing well, a river, the ocean or a lake.

The element of water is associated with the Moon and is utilised in positive Magic particularly associated with love.

Moon Bathe

On the Blue Moon evening, undress and stand naked under the full Moon. 'Bathe' by visualising the moonbeams cleansing you from head to foot. Once you feel thoroughly cleansed, say aloud 3 times your special wish.

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