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  Moon Phases in Astrology

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The moon transits the entire zodiac every month and as she does her various phases from the smallest 'dark moon' up to the full moon phase affect us all on an emotional, a spiritual, and as some would say, on a magical level. Set out below are the fore main astrological phases of the moon each and every month, their energy, their effects, and their 'magic'.

The new moon phase is a time for all new starts and for all things new. The new moon is used to start new projects or new ventures, it is a very positive time for personal growth and for all new beginnings. The new moon can make people impulsive, instinctive, and inclined towards self dramatics and self projection. Traditionally this phase of the moon is good for the blessing of new projects or ventures and a time for personal growth. On a magical or ritualistic level the new moon is a good time to cleanse and to consecrate new tools and objects that you wish to use with in your rituals, your ceremonies, or for those artisans amongst you - your working tools.

The waxing moon or first quarter moon is traditionally a time for building and for growth. This phase of the moon is a good time for learning to relate to others around you objectively. The waxing moon period can make people more eager to act, an eagerness to experience, to organize, and to make changes. The waxing moon or the first quarter is used magical or ritualistically for attracting a partner or lover, the waxing moons healing energy is said to be good for couples and for the protection for couples.

The full moon phase is a time for inner illumination, it is a good time for a better understanding or grounding prior to any action. The full moon traditionally is used to release unwanted influences in your life and for creating 'full on' energy. This phase of the moon is used ritualistically for making amulets or charms used for protection. The energy of the full moon magically is a very positive energy for the performing of divination or rituals, it is a time for you to focus upon your hearts desire! This phase of the moon is also a positive time for the setting up of plans or for the releasing of the old and unwanted patterns. The full moons rituals can or should only be performed during the three days prior to the rise of the full moon, the night of the full moon and during the three days after the full moon.

The waning or last quarter moon phase traditionally is a time to get in touch with all those areas of your life that have become unwanted, it is a time for banishing and for rejecting all in your life that influence you in a negative way and to harmonies your thinking. The waning moon is used ritualistically for getting read of all negative emotions, diseases, ailments, and bad habits. The last quarter moon magical is good for spells and incarnations, for cleansing and for cleaning. The waning or quarter moon is traditionally a time for banishing.

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