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Moon Phases and the Strength of Magic

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While many people attribute witchcraft and magic to a darker force, it is actually a pure and natural craft that isn't commonly associated with darkness. It is possible that many skeptics and disapprovers associate witchcraft with darkness because of the optimal strength in magic that witches find during the night hours; when spells can be changed significantly. The moon governs the power of magic greatly, perhaps one of the most important driving forces of magic.

The Role of the Moon in Magic

When it comes to the moon, witches and those who practice magic consider it to be the most essential and relevant heavenly body to the power of their magic. There is inspiration found within the moon as well, as most witches attribute the moon to a female gender that elegantly and gracefully conjures power in magic. Since the moon is known for various cycles, the female association follows a cyclic pattern.

As the moon follows the various cycles, it aligns with other astral bodies, bringing forth a strength that adds great enhancement to spells and magic.

• New moon
• Waxing crescent
• First quarter
• Waxing gibbous
• Full moon
• Waning gibbous
• Last quarter
• Waning crescent

These cycles all represent a different astral influence in the magic that is performed, no matter what type or variation. All spells will detail the correct moon phase for the maximum and appropriate effects, ensuring that the cycle of the moon correlates with the power that is being set forth through magic.

• New Moon: New ventures and beginnings, love and romance, employment, and health.
• Waxing Moon: Love, wealth, friendship, health, luck, courage, and success.
• Full Moon: Prophetic spells, protection, and divination. Maximum power through spells. Love, legal proceedings, money, dreams, and love.
• Waning Moon: Banishment spells, ridding addictions, negativity, or illness.
• Dark Moon: Rid of bad habits, binding rituals, justice, and understanding of darker life elements.

While the moon serves a large role in the casting of spells, there are other elements that must not be forgotten. The elements within the environment should correlate appropriately with the moon phase to ensure that the spell is carried out properly and successfully. Even one thing off in the ritual can cause the spell to go astray, which is why practice and guidance is always necessary. You never want to dabble in the unknown without expert assistance to ensure that no harm or darkness is the result of a spell you didn't understand.

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