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The Moon and Its Role to Witches

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One of the most heavenly bodies in the world of witchcraft is the moon. Witches believe that the moon possesses power that can be used for lunar magic. In the world of witchcraft the moon is believed to be female, illuminating and inspiring women and female gender, and it cycles just as a woman thereby it's dubbed a Changing Woman.

The Moon is the closest astronomical body to the Earth and has profound influence on us. When the Moon is full, it is believe to emit the most energy and transpires various magical workings and is the best for magical spells and rituals. Second best in the world of witchcraft is the New Moon. For those that have mystical powers and magical abilities, the Moon cycle is truly amazing and its significance among the world of witchcraft is undeniable.

Magical Implications of the Moon:

New Moon Magic: New Moon Magic is practiced for the first three and a half days of the full moon. During the New Moon new beginnings and ventures are more likely to happen. This is the reason that it is a good time for finding a new job, hobby or romance.

Waxing Moon Magic: Seven to 14 days after the Waxing Moon Magic is the period of Moon Magic. During this time constructive magic which focuses on wealth, friendship, love, successful endeavors and luck are practiced.

Full Moon Magic. Full Moon Magic normally occurs anywhere from 14 to 17 and ½ days after the New Moon. The period of the Full Moon is considered in the world of witchcraft to be the most significant time for rituals that are performed for predictions, prophecies and protection. For those wishing for extra energy and power for healing various health conditions, improving finances, finding a new job, engaging in legal undertakings, and dreams this is the best time to practice.

Waning Moon Magic. The Waning Moon is counted from 3 ½ days to 10 ½ days the Waning Moon is in effect. This cycle of the moon is used in the world of witchcraft to banish oneself from illness, addiction, negative emotions and vibes and other unconstructive elements.

Dark Moon magic. Dark Moon Magic transpires 10 ½ to 14 days following the Full Moon and is also a period to banish addiction and bad habits and a time for internalizing, binding spells and discovering the negative energies in which we posses and our passion and anger.

The Moon, as the witch, plays a significant role in the world of witchcraft with phases that are significant to the art of witchcraft. This is one of the most important sources of power for the witch and her craft.

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