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Beginners Guide to Writing Your Own Grimoire Including Rituals for Sabbats and Esbats

By   |   Submitted On March 17, 2014

When I first started writing my own Book of Shadows (also called a Grimore) I was pretty confused. I hope these tips will help you create yours.

The first thing you need to do is consider the format for your Book of Shadows. Some people purchase a journal type book with a warm leather cover and cream colored pages, so that their drawings and paintings will look their best. Others take a loose-leaf binder with tabs for different sections. Some people use the Book of Shadows as a kind of journal, keeping track of each ritual and spell as it happens. In that case, it is organized by date rather than by subject. I'm of the "if I write it, I will want to revise it" crowd. So I've created mine as a file on my computer. Always remember, there's no wrong way and you can start again if you don't like what you've done!

Second, decide how you want to organize your Book of Shadows. Will you use it as a journal so that it is automatically organized by date? Will you have separate sections for spells and Esbats and Sabbats? Will you include a section for Divination? Will you include a section for Tools? Here are some of the sections I've included in my Grimoire:

Third, find and use some good resources. There are several great (and free) resources on the internet. Search for what you want - New Moon ritual, Ostara ritual, colors and their meanings. You get the idea! If you do find a good website that is helpful and free, search around for a donation link. It's good karma! In addition, there are several books listed on my blog which I use.

Fourth, start writing! You can always refine things as you learn more.

It really is as simple as that. If you're overwhelmed by the process, just start with one section. You'll find that as you are learning about a full moon ritual which occurs in Virgo, that you'll also learn how Virgo influences your life and how you can work with her.

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