All About Wicca Elements and Their Importance in Witchcraft

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The elements are an integral part of wicca and witchcraft, not only in the way we use them in spell work and rituals but in our everyday lives. Honoring nature and the elements is a very important part of the wiccan way.

Elements are the universes energy in four basic states - Air, Fire, Water and Earth. There is also a fifth universal power beyond the visible four elements which is Spirit.

These four elements are manifested in physical reality, by fresh air, winds, warmth and light, rain, oceans, rivers and of the earth, trees, plants and crystals.

Elements in magic not only cover their physical nature but also have qualities in the spiritual dimension - their psychic or spiritual meanings. These can be used to develop a deeper understanding of our true nature because we embody both the spiritual qualities of each element as well as the physical.

Elements are referred to as the Guardians of the Quarters. The guardians of each element work to guard the circle and witness any rites or magick, enhancing and balancing the proceedings and assisting in the manifestation of magickal goals. When we invoke them during rituals and spell craft we are invoking their essence to join us and infuse our work.

Integrating and being in tune with each elements positive forces can assist us in day to day life

- maintaining their power within ourselves and a positive state of mind.
- manifesting dreams, hopes and goals.
- achieving quickly what we desire when performing rituals whether they be complex or simple.
- following a life true to nature and ourselves and connecting to a higher spiritual level.

The element of Air represents beginnings. First stirrings and ideas that lead to manifestation. It is the element of the mind, of our thoughts and intellect. It is youthfulness, light, energetic. It is humor, joy of life, quickness of thought, trying new things and learning new things all the time.

Rituals harnessing the essence of Air are: communication, travel, study, freedom, psychic work.

Ways to integrate Air into your life are to go outside on a windy day and feel the element of air, listen to the birds, play with and listen to wind chimes and bells, experiment with hot and cold air, breathe deeply, go outside when there is a thunderstorm (in a safe place), greet the sunrise, have a bubble bath, do a course and learn a new skill.

The element of Fire represents the creative forces. The flame, the vital energetic and vibrant force that burns within each of us. It then brings us our passion, inner conviction, strength, courage, valor and the determination which drives us forward. It represents transformation, by the aspect of burning away those things that no longer serve us. It is of warmth and light.

Rituals harnessing the essence of Fire are: transformation, purification, sex energy, healing (to destroy disease), protection, strength, courage, banishing negativity.

Ways to integrate Fire into your life are to meditate on a candle flame, spend time in the sun, dance around a fire, visit a desert, watch a sunset, eat some hot and spicy food, be passionate and driven, transform some area of your life, be determined and courageous, feel motivated.

The element of Water presides over emotions, the feelings and perceptions. It represents deep healing and it is the blood that courses through our veins, nurturing and sustaining us. Water is flowing by nature and teaches us to be flexible and adaptable. Water is the deep subconscious, the psychic realm. It cleanses, quenches and cultivates the land and spiritually brings us opportunities to cleanse our emotions, quench our spiritual thirst and cultivates our inner being with love. Helps with relationships.

Rituals harnessing the essence of Water are: love, psychic awareness, shadow work, healing, purification, fertility, weather magic.

Ways to integrate Water into your life are to have a swim in the pool or at the beach, walk in the rain, sit by the ocean (especially on a moonlit night), sit by the stream and listen, bathe with intent, visit the aquarium, when drinking water feel it cleansing you from the inside, cry and enjoy its healing properties, embrace all of your emotions, tap into the psychic realm, scrying, or do other divination's, work with your menstrual cycle.

The element of Earth represents the sacredness of the physical world. It provides us with the material world- food, vegetation, species. Life is born of the earth & dies back into her. Earth is our great mother, of unconditional love and is the essence of fertility and nurturing, feeding us, keeping us whole and is stability and grounding. Earth helps us with wisdom and understanding, to making connections to our place in creation. We must above all else honor and respect the Earth.

Rituals harnessing the essence of Earth are: prosperity, money, fertility, stability, grounding, employment.

Ways to integrate Earth into your life are to walk amongst nature, meditate with plants, rocks or crystals, learn herbalism, sit with the earth and feel its vibrations and energy, do some planting and gardening, cook, do some drumming, chanting, dancing.

Debbie Fitzgerald.

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