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Creating Your Wiccan Book Of Shadows

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Creating a Wiccan Book of Shadows is not as hard as many think. There isn't any one way to make a book of shadows. One of the few times that they may be similar is if a coven has one general Book of Shadows that they use for their entire coven's needs. More seasoned believers normally will have multiple Wiccan Book of Shadows, as they usually will create one for teaching others, while a second is for their personal use only. The what is known as Teaching Book of Shadows is normally reserved for use by neophytes that may have an interest in joining a ritual.

Dedication Section:
Include any information on your "Year in a Day", and the dedication date to the Wiccan Beliefs. Have both a start, and end day on your Year in a Day, and when the date of creation for your personal Wiccan Book of Shadows was created.

General Information:
Tools- Description of every tool used, and the purpose of use within a circle:
Invocations- Usually will include for both the Wiccan Goddess, and God.
Divination- This area will include Stone Divination, Tarot Cards, scrying using a crystal ball, along with different methods of divination.
Symbols- Include every major symbol, along with meanings. There are many various different symbols, most of them will rarley be used but should still be included incase they are ever needed.
Preferred Book List- This could include your favorite books, or the best books for novices to read.
Recipes- Most love this section as the area where they put in personally created recipes, or ones that might be used frequently. This will make it so you do not have to remember each, and every recipe might be used.

Sabbats & Rituals To Include:
Full Moon Ritual
New Moon Ritual
Casting a Circle-How To
Preparing to conduct a circle
Samhain Ritual - October 31st
Yule Ritual (Winter Solstice)- December 21st
Imboc Ritual information on Imboc- February 2nd
Ostara Ritual- March 21st

Beltain Ritual- May 1st
Litha Ritua (Summer Solstice)- June 21st
Lammas Ritual- August 1st
Mabon Ritual- September 21st

Other sections may will include within their Wiccan Book of Shadows includes but not limited to:
Spells- Both personal, and coven usage.
Magic Journal- This is one of the most important sections of your Wiccan Book of Shadows. You will include your personal experiences and thoughts during, Meditation, ritual work, circle work, dreams, and anything else you wish to notate into your journal. It is just that a journal relating to your religious beliefs.

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