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How to Build a Wiccan Altar

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In learning how to build a Wiccan altar you will actually be learning a lot about your spiritual path and your individual role to play in Wicca. So it's not something you should rush or take lightly! A Wiccan altar is a very personal thing and you will realise that the power of the work you carry out at it increases in line with how attuned and connected to your work space you are. So the question should be more, how to build a Wiccan altar that is right for YOU.

The first aspect that you need to concentrate on is where you are going to place your altar. For the most part you will be leaving it in its designated space so choose wisely. It will need to be somewhere that is quiet and uninterrupted if at all possible. You should also consider whether or not you have enough room to manoeuvre as you will not want to restrict your magic by operating in cramped conditions. This can be important when it comes to circle rituals or any spell whereby you need to move around.

You will also need to consider casting a circle around your altar in order to keep it a sacred space (in much the same way as Christians consider a church to be a sacred place to pray). You will find that you work better when in a safe and secure feeling environment.

So, how to build a Wiccan altar in terms of solid basics is your next concern! To be honest anything will do in terms of a flat surface to work from. It should however be waist height for the sake of your comfort. But it does not have to be a specifically made table, built for purpose. As long as it works for you then it's fine. Again, round tables are best if you intend to perform a lot of circular rituals but if space is a major factor then a square table that slots into a corner will also suffice so don't worry. As long as you are comfortable with the table it will work for you. In fact I have known very accomplished witches work on anything from a decorating table to a bit of wood propped up with bricks!

However, you should also consider the long term prospects of the altar you choose as you do not want to build up a connection only for it to fall apart later on. Also, something with a draw or shelf under it to keep items you are not using can be extremely useful.

In learning how to build your Wiccan altar you will also be wondering how to lay everything out. It is a very personal affair and nobody can tell you exactly how to do it but there are a few standard practices so I will briefly cover them:

1) Masculine items, objects or icons should be placed on the right and feminine on the left.

2) You should view your altar as an embodiment of the 5 universal elements so you should represent them with water (chalice), fire (candle), earth (salt) and air (incense or a feather). You will be the 5th element of the spirit when you are working. You may also want to place a pentagram on your altar somewhere although this can be anywhere from in the pattern on your altar cloth to on your candle stick.

3) You will want to consecrate you new tools. This needn't be a complicated process and there is plenty of information out there on how to do it. However, cleansing in salt water or smudging will usually realign the energies well enough.

4) Keep your book of shadows in an easy to reach part of your altar. Don't forget to journal your progress in it too!

5) Place something personal and that you have a connection to on you Wiccan altar for the 1st few weeks or even months if you need to. This will make you feel much more at home and secure around your altar and will act as a kind of introduction to one another.

All in all, one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you in how to build a Wiccan altar is practise. You will set everything up, imagine it all to be perfectly placed - only to find that a week later you are constantly having to re-arrange everything to fit in with how you work. Perform your favourite spells, get to know your favourite tools and even take into consideration whether you are right or left handed. Before long you will have established a flow and familiarity with your altar that you will see reflected in your work.

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