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Book of Shadows - What Should You Put in Yours

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A Magical Journal also known as a Book of Shadows or Grimoire is a self written magical reference book containing (amongst other things) Magic Spells, rituals, potions and brews that you have tried and tested.

A Book of Shadows is also a journal or diary of your spiritual journey. Most contain lists of correspondences, dreams and aspirations and affirmations.

In fact your Magical Journal can include whatever you choose. It is YOUR Magical Journal so include whatever you like, but here are a few suggestions.

Witches Creed

Whatever your chosen path or tradition, whether Wiccan, Pagan or Green Witch, you will need to hand write the Creed that you follow. This could be the Wiccan Rede or a variation of it like the Rede of Wiccae or the Witches Creed. Basically it is the ethics or rules that Witches strive to live by. It is written in poetic form, and is the fundamental basis of the way a Witch should strive to live their life.

Invariably the different version of the Witches Creed are usually summed up in the same eight little words:

"If it harms none, do what you will"

Although these words seem simple, and the sentence they make up incredibly short, the instruction they give is very difficult to apply correctly to every aspect of daily life. Writing out the full version of the witches creed you follow in your Magical Journal will concentrate your mind on the meanings of the rules you try to life your life by.

Magical Name

You should write in your Magical Journal your chosen Magical name and the reasons why you chose it. Again, having to put pen to paper and explain why you have chosen the name of, say, Artemis Mugwort as the name you use for any Magical workings focuses the mind.

Carefully choosing a Magical name is an important step into choosing to live your life as a Witch. Your new Magical name is symbolic of you being "born" into a new life. It also helps you separate your old self from your newly chosen one. Traditionally, Witches would choose for themselves a secret or magical name. This was different than their given birth name and used when they conducted Magical workings.

Tables of Correspondences

The term "correspondences" refers to the appropriate classification of many Spell ingredients such as herbs and crystals, objects, timings, directions, days of the weeks, colours, emotions and qualities, etc.

It is very important in all Magical workings, and particularly in Spell casting, to select the correct ingredients that correspond to the outcome you are aiming for. Carefully choosing the right herbs, coloured candles or Moon phase timings will reap benefits in your Spell casting practice. So you will need to compile tables or lists of correspondences.

Sabbats and Esbats

A calendar of forthcoming Sabbat celebration dates is important as you will keep note of where you are on the Wheel of the Year. The significant eight dates that include Samhain (Halloween), Yule and Beltane will need to be honoured and celebrated and you can then schedule your rituals and Spell casting accordingly.

Of equal importance is a calendar of the forthcoming Moon phases. The full Moon dates, known as Esbats have particular significance for most Witches, so you'll need to know exactly when they are due. Also the different phases of the Moon can affect the type of Magical workings you may conduct. The waxing Moon phase is the perfect time for using your creativity and being motivated to make positive changes in your life. Put ideas into action and use your full energy to achieve some of the tasks you've been avoiding. Whereas the waning Moon phase is the best time to break bad habits or rid bad addictions and to sever ties to bad relationships.

Herbal Lore

Keeping notes on herbs and plants and how you have used them to good effect can be entered into your Magical Journal. Herbs and plants are very powerful and many should not be ingested. So you need to keep notes on any that are dangerous or poisonous as well as those that are safe to make potions and brews from.

It's nice to keep some herbal brew recipes that you find soothing and relaxing, or conversely exhilarating and active!


Record in your Magical Journal any divination techniques that you are learning. Your experiences and notes on learning the Tarot, Runes or Scrying can be recorded in your Magical Journal. Make notes of predictions you have made through divination, to look back on later.

Spell Casting

Keeping records of the type, ingredients, method and outcomes of particular Spells is an important element in keeping a useful and functional Magical Journal.

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