Owl Moon Tarot


Looking for a partner:

Card 1: The type of person you are going to attract

Card 2: Information on where and how you may meet

Card 3: Information on timing

Card 4: Obstacles in your way


Relationship potential when you have just met


Card 1: Your first impression of them

Card 2: Their first impression of you

Card 3: Your relationship potential

Card 4:  Positives or negatives


Relationship problems What You Need to Know

Card 1: What you need to know about the problem from your perspective

Card 2: What you need to know about your partnerís perspective

Card 3: Outside influences that you need to be aware of

Card 4: Summary of the Reading/further thoughts

Together & Apart
Card 1: What brings you together
Card 2: What pulls you apart
Card 3: What needs your attention
Card 4: Solution

Relationship problems  What You Need to Do

Card 1: What you can do to improve your situation
Card 2: What they can do to improve the situation
Card 3: What other people/resources you may have available to help you
Card 4: Summary of the Reading / further thoughts




Card 1: What has happened from your point of view
Card 2: What has happened from their point of view
Card 3: Your chances for a reconciliation or what needs to happen for one to take place
Card 4: Summary of the reading / further thoughts


Relationship Analysis
Card 1: You
Card 2: The other person /
Card 3: The relationship
Card 4: Summary/Further Thoughts

Relationship Desires
Card 1: What you want from the relationship
Card 2: What they want from the relationship
Card 3: Where the relationship is heading
Card 4: What you need to know