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#33 Chaos and Conflict
This might indicate that you are conflicted about your life purpose, or you can't decide what (out of many choices) *should* be your life purpose. You have many interests and talents. Are you thinking you need to narrow it down to just one? I looked up the master number 33, and it's life path is "altruism, doing good in the world." This is probably a very strong need for you. But I'm guessing that you don't know what to do, or how to do it, or which one to do. How to pick or know which one is the best one.
#41 Soul Mates
You are good at connecting with people and knowing them on a soul level. You are very focused on your own spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of those around you. This is a very strong talent for you! I think it ties in very well with the altruism/doing good life path in the earlier card. 41 also adds up to Life Path 6 as does 33. So I'm really impressed by the synchronicity here. Life path 6 is connected with love, balance, responsibility. You take things very seriously and don't like extremes. You are genuinely motivated by love. This makes you very qualified to be in a giving and helping profession. I think you like helping people figure themselves out. Are you a therapist or do you want to be one?
#44 Thinker
This might indicate that your chaos and conflict over your life purpose might be caused by worrying about it or overthinking it or fear of making the wrong choice. It keeps you stuck and not moving forward in a way that you know that you need to. The presence of the master number 44 indicates that you are a very old, deep soul. You've probably had many life paths and many worthy life purposes. This may be why you are at a loss about what you want to do. You've done so many wonderful and fabulous things in the life of your soul. You'd do them all over again! People with this master number are highly creative and inventive. They can think out great solutions in a very artistic way. They see things in ways that others can't! This is a lovely skill for you to have. 44 people love deeply and sacrifice themselves for love. They give deeply of themselves. 44 reduces to Life Path 8, which indicates that you like to feel safe and secure --- that's important to you. Perhaps because often you don't feel secure (like financially, maybe? or some other reason?) you tend to worry and overthink things, probably making yourself even more worried and insecure!! I wish there was something I could say that would make you fee more sure of yourself....

#26 Happy, Happy
This card showed up because you deserve to be happy in your work --- in the place where you work, in the kind of job that you do, and with whom you work. That's incredibly vital to you. You take pride in your work and strive always to do the best job that you can. This is why anything that upsets you or is not good about your job has a really depressive effect on you. Your emotional well-being at work is just that important to you. When things are substandard with any aspect of your job, you question whether you should be there or not.
#50 There's No Place Like Home
Just as your home is necessary for your happiness, your job is like your other home. You want it to be just as loving and comfortable as your home is. You need to feel like you can be your authentic self at work and if, for some reason, you can't be authentic, then you feel the need to move on. You just can't make yourself stay. You need the freedom to be yourself: freedom is very important to you. You don't like to be boxed in or have labels (they totally smother you). When you are comfortable in your surroundings, you enjoy yourself immensely and enjoy those around you. Your humor and sense of fun really shine through. You are an adventurer who is not afraid to shake things and you embrace change.
#16 All that Glitters
You are a deep thinker and a good analyser of whatever situation you are in. You see past the falsity and superficiality of any given situation or person. You don't let yourself be distracted by frivolous drama or side issues. You like to get at the heart of the matter. You also like the deep topics, issues and interests --- you like art, history, philosophy, science. You love learning and you love the challenge. If your job is not challenging for you, then you are flat out miserable. You don't want your work life to be too easy --- your mind needs to be engaged. You need an intelligent highly evolved kind of career that challenges your brain. You're probably good with a learning curve as well!!!


Wisdom of the Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid Sample readings

#43 Deep Knowing
This card tells you that your intuition about something or someone is right on the money! If you find that your inner voice keeps telling you something about a situation, trust it. Don't second guess yourself. When you hear that inner voice, it's your guides talking to you. They are telling you something important. Listen to it. The moon is your heart, and the Owl is your wisdom. So your heart's wisdom is speaking to you. Perhaps you are filled with doubts or distrust yourself? Or thinking "surely I can't be right about this?" Don't think that. And don't let other people put doubts in your mind.
#12 A Change in the Wind
Things are very up in the air right now, and any drama going on in your life doesn't have a clear easy answer right now. There's no black and white solution that is obvious to you. The zebra on this card is both a sign of protection and blending in. It means, "lay low, but be alert." Watch the situation Black and white also mean "balance" so this advises having a measured, balanced approach to any issue you have going on. The black and white "balanced" part counteracts the weather vane on the top of the zebra. The weather vane warns that situations can change quickly and without warning and go from extreme to extreme. (The weather vane also has a moon on it, which indicates how much emotions can influence your decision). Use your head and good logical thinking to solve any problems you might have right now.
#40 Co-create
The major symbols on this card are the leopard, the owl, and the egg. The leopard symbolizes mystery and hiddenness. This suggests to me that whatever opinion you have about someone or a situation, keep it to yourself right now. For the moment, don't share your thoughts or your decision making process. Be outwardly nuetral. The owl on the tightrope suggest being nuetral too. Be wise and walk a narrow line for right now. I love the egg in this picture, with its face on it. Things are changing right now for you and possibly in a dramatic way. How it all will turn out might be unknown right now, but the protection of the leopard and wisdom of the owl are with you right now. I think you are on the edge of learning something new about yourself or becoming a new person. I like this idea that your intuition will really come out for you and that you will learn to trust this new gift that the Universe is giving you.

#15 Message in a Bottle (Work)
I could not really decide if the bird in this card was a pelican, a crane, or a stork. But they are all water birds. However, this card assures you that you will receive some good, positive and happy news soon. I bet it will be about a job that you are looking for. The presence of water in this card indicates that you will feel very emotional about this news! Water is also cleansing: it washes away our spiritual "dirt" and leaves us lighter and purer. Your future includes an entirely new direction for you, a new phase of your life. It involves being with people and teamwork. You will be given many responsibilities that will challenge your mind. You'll be asked to work very hard!!! But do not let these responsibilities be a heavy burden --- you can handle it. I'm thinking you will hear in 6 to 15 days.
#42 Chop Wood (Love)
This card tells me that the kind of love you need and long for right now is one that is grounded in real life. You want a REAL partner to be with you in good times and bad. You've got enough experience under your belt to know that the honeymoon stage doesn't really last very long. What makes a relationship last is the day to day stuff. Compatibility in values and lifestyle is important to you. Being able to work out conflicts and compromise. The romance will come in doing the simple ordinary things together. You can anticipate meeting someone who is a good match for you in 6 to 42 days.
#32 Here and Now (Summary)

This card advises one of the hardest things to do: live fully in the present moment. We want things in a hurry, we worry about things happening or not happening, we get anxious. We let drama into our lives or get carried away in big dreams or meaningless inconvenience. Practice meditation, calmness, and love for yourself and for others. It will shine through in you and this is what will help you attract the job you want and the partner in life that you want. You can open the doors of your heart to people around you. I believe you should practice mindfulness and meditation for about a month.


#27 Exchanging Gifts
While there is no doubt that the fostering of cats is a rewarding spiritual exchange for you, in accordance with the Law of Giving and Receiving, one must also consider trade offs, rewards, and assessing the value to yourself of what you are doing. I'm wondering if the reason you are asking this is because you want to reduce your commitment or give it up entirely? Perhaps you have made a pros and cons list? The exchange of gifts, whether physical or spiritual, involves incredible energy and this energy may be lopsided or one way. I don't think it's a one way energy stream for you (i.e. all your energy goes their way and you get nothing in return) but certainly you may be thinking that your energy flow to them is draining for you.
#46 Regeneration
The guidebook mentions new opportunities coming your way, endings, beginnings etc. To welcome what is new in your life and drop what doesn't serve you. But taking into consideration that I talked about your energy flow with the previous card, "regeneration" might also mean you need to rest, relax and renew your energy levels. I know it's kitten season, therefor you must be exhausted!!! Right now must be quite a struggle for you in terms of managing your energy, your time, your day. You are probably feeling overwhelmed. The struggle of how to manage everything is real and if you are wrestling with a decision of some kind about it, then that is its own added stressor.
#19 Flexible
The first phrase from the guidebook entry on this card was "being adaptable without compromising what's important." Being flexible and open to new possibilities because the Universe might be sending something new your way. You are not stuck, even though you may feel like you are stuck. Or at least weary. Flexibility may also mean to you "having options." Do you feel like you have options with the cat fostering? Do you feel like you are stuck with it? Or are you open to spreading your wings to other ventures that might be of interest to you? This card suggests that you allow yourself to consider what you want that will make you happy.

 #21 Clean It Up
This card suggests a few things to me. One, cleaning out the cobwebs of any current relationships. Even shaking things up by tweaking the dynamics some. Air things out, don't be afraid to change a few things. Another thing it suggests to me is "perhaps you are focusing too much on others." Maybe doing too much caretaking of them or looking after them or fixing their problems. One of the dynamic changes you can make is giving yourself permission not to take care of them quite as much or clean up after them so much or do so much for them. It's permission to dial it back some.
#36 Come to the Edge
If you are looking for new relationships, new friendships, this might be a little anxiety producing for you. Perhaps you hold yourself back or don't take risks in meeting new people. You don't put yourself out there or randomly strike up a conversation. You like to stay in your comfort zone. This card encourages you to push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. Take a risk with a new person, even if it's a small one. The phrase "nothing ventured, nothing gained" comes to mind. Today's sermon at Wildflower comes to mind as being very appropriate here. The visiting minister talked about being vulnerable. That when people feel and open themselves up, they are vulnerable. Some people take to vulnerability and have no problem opening themselves up; for others, the very thought makes them anxious.
#51 Milk and Honey
This card is a strong reminder to nurture yourself, take care of yourself and be compassionate with yourself. When you do this, the connections you make with others will be stronger because you will glow and have good energy about you. Your aura will brighten and you will find that many people will respond to it. Milk and honey are signs of prosperity, good health, and fertility. The card has an elephant in it and the shamanic meaning of elephant is: Elephant reminds us that we must look after ourselves first before we reach out and help others. Know that we have the instincts that will lead us where we need to go and what parts of us need nourishment. Perhaps we have isolated ourselves from family and need to find our way home.

#34 A Leg Up
A baby polar bear climbs up onto its mother's back. This is the reciprocal giving and receiving of help. The healthy interdependence of relationships. Not going it alone, but assisting each other and being assisted in return. The protection of our loved ones --- they protect us and help us just as we protect and help them. We carry the smaller ones to full maturity and then when we are old, they carry us. This is the time when the Universe is sending people to you for specific needs that you have and you are also able to help others in specific ways. This is not the time for you to be thinking that you can go it alone or don't need any help. And yes, you have it in you to help other, perhaps you think you don't, but you do.
#1 Yang
Yang is full on fire energy! the hands on the card have a lot of meanings for me. They are giving of energy, they are receiving of energy. It's a perfect exchange! It's active. I think this card is saying to you "be active in your relationships." Yes of course give freely and lovingly, but you deserve the same in return. Be vocal and assertive about what you want. I love the imagery on this card that the head is on fire. I want your head to be on fire with thoughts, plans, actions, things to do, places to be. Be active in your love, your relationships, your family
#14 Truth Be Told
The Owl is wisdom, knowledge, liminality, knowing. The open door is the opening of your being. You are open and willing regarding love and relationships. The owl stands on the mask: this is saying, "go for revealing your true self! don't hide behind anything!" Don't be afraid to reveal your true self, in the fear that you might be unlovable or unlikable: you are lovable and likable and people want to be with you. I think you may worry too much about this. Thus the presence of the mask in this card. It is OK to be yourself: yes people will like and love you just as you are.

#5 Orphaned.
This is a very shadow side kind of card that speaks (to me) of your inner loneliness and need to love and be loved yet not having found the right person yet. I believe that you are a giver kind of person, but remember you cannot be all things to all people. You'd like to be the right person FOR someone as well as HAVE the right person for you. There's a part of you that doesn't mind being solitary or solo, but you want that to change. One section of the guidebook talks about "abandonment" and I'm wondering if you once had a horrible breakup that took you a long time to recover from. Someone that you were totally in love with that suddenly left you.
#4 Higher Power
This is the card that reminds all of us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In love, you need both a human (mundane, ordinary, physical) connection as well as a spiritual connection. You want someone who is similar to you in spiritual ways and can talk to you on the same level. You very much know that having a shared spirituality is an important part of your relationship with any one.
#13 Fork in the Road
The three animals represented on this card are Owl, White Deer, and Monkey. I looked up their shamanic natures. Owl is liminality and wisdom (and death in the Hispanic culture). White Deer is spiritual, supernatural, vision quest, spirit. Monkey is laughter, jokes, playfulness, fun. So, the two forks are following your higher spiritual nature versus your playful nature versus your intellectual (wisdom) nature. There are three arrows on the card, so all three paths/animals should be considered. Two arrows point to Owl and White Deer, while one arrow points the other direction and has the monkey on top of that. This could mean several things. It could mean that it's more important in your relationships to have intellectual and spiritual components, or it could mean that you ten to forget your playful side. Or just simply confusion about what you want and which direction to go in with regards to love.