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Using Tarot Cards to Answer Relationship Questions

Common Relationship Questions for the tarot readings....

The most common relationship type that is dealt with in readings is romantic relationship. Often people want to know more about the direction their relationship is going, so a reader will look at subjects such as: what does the seeker want from the relationship? What are their long term goals? What do they bring to the relationship? What does the other person want?

Other common relationship categories that are discussed in tarot readings are friendships and work based relationships; but questions about these are less often asked of the tarot reader. But no matter what type of relationship the reading concerns, there are some common themes such as communication, agendas, personality and ego.

For each relationship question that a person can think of, there is a tarot spread just for that!

Some Sample Questions for Relationship Tarot Readings....

1. What’s next for me and [name of other party, your partner….]?

2. Are me and [name of other party] on the same page?

3. Something feels off, what is going on in our relationship?

4. Does [name of other party] ever want to get married?

5. Is my relationship going to last?

6. What does the next year look like for me in this relationship?

7. What are the key strengths or weaknesses of this relationship?

8. What is the current state of our relationship?