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 Tarot Spreads for the New Year

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Each New Year provides us the ability to start anew, set goals and with any luck have a better, happier and more prosperous year than the last. However, the previous year may have been filled with challenges, obstacles and changes that have taken the zest out of life leaving some filled with apprehension as to what to expect in the coming New Year.
One way of getting a glimpse into what the New Year has in store for us is through utilizing the Tarot. There are various spreads available specifically geared towards the New Year. One of the most common is called The Zodiac Spread which provides a couple different options to obtain a yearly based reading. The typical Zodiac Spread is similar to the Celtic Cross. This spread looks at different aspects and areas of your life.
To do this spread, pull 13 cards placing them in a circle with the final card being the overall outcome or summary. The cards in each position are as follows:
1. deals with self-expression, identity and how you see yourself. 
2. represents tangible assets, personal income and earning capacity. 
3. governs intellect and communication, family and relatives. 
4. rules your home, property and the environment you find yourself in. 
5. associated with pleasurable pursuits, romance and fortunate speculative ventures. 
6. pertains to your job, working conditions, relationship with co-workers and circumstances regarding your health. 
7. refers to partnerships, agreements, business relationships and close personal relationships including marriage and divorce. 
8. governs death, rebirth, legacies, inheritances and new beginnings. 
9. governs spiritual guidance and self-awareness, travel, and often times denotes the best course of action for you to take. 
10. describes your goals, ambitions, achievements, desires and success. 
11. associated with friendships and affiliations that help to advance your personal goals. 
12. denotes anxiety and hidden influences that can cause limitations and unnecessary suffering. 
13. final outcome.
Another method of The Zodiac Spread is the month-by-month spread in which you pull 13 cards one representing each month of a the year and the final card indicates the overall general atmosphere you are likely to experience over the coming year according to the influences and elements present at the time of the reading.
Months that have a Major Arcana card land in that position will signify an important month. Any Aces that appear indicate a chance for new beginnings or a fresh start so pay particular attention to those cards and influences.
These are only a few examples but they are quite effective and informative in providing valuable insight into the New Year. And remember this is only a glimpse of possibilities as nothing is set in stone. Should you encounter a card that doesn't really provide clear insight, feel free to use clarification cards to assist the process.
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